Pipelines versus peoplekind

The Liberal government is busy making pipelines more difficult to build through revisions to the process by which they will be approved. I have no doubt that between the eco-green tendencies of the Liberal ministers involved, and the need to get oil shipped to refineries, which will suffer. Canada stands to lose many billions of resource revenue through carbon taxation, regulatory lag, and hostility from the greens, many of whom sit in the cabinet (Catherine McKenna) and the PMO (Gerald Butts is the former  head of the Canadian branch of the World Wildlife Federation).

None of that will make an impression on the public, though it will impoverish them relative to places more open to business. But what will convince people we are dealing with an idiot is Justin Airhead’s use of “peoplekind”.



The scolding, the compelled use of language, the disrespect of a religious viewpoint: every aspect of the bossy know-it-all PC vapidity is on display here, including the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction to Airhead’s correction. Would he have dared interrupt some more politically correct intervenor? Of course not.

In every regime, there comes a moment of self-definition.  Jean Chretien as the strangler of some wanker leftist (good for him), Paul Martin endlessly waffling, Trudeau the elder saying “Just watch me”, Brian Mulroney telling John Turner in false anger “You had an option, Sir” not to confirm Trudeau senior’s patronage appointments.


This was when the regime revealed itself. Canadians will recall this moment. There will be more of them. We are being held to the derision of the world, and deservedly so.