The Principles of Totalitarian Rule


“The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits ‘atrocities’ but that it attacks the concept of objective truth; it claims to control the past as well as the future.” —Orwell

Sound familiar? As you know, this is what is happening now in the allegedly free societies of the West. Consider certain objective truths: men and women are different sexes; human racial groups have genetic differences; some cultures are conducive to human betterment, others not. Most people would agree that life is better now than in the Stone Age.

Such is the level of insanity prevailing in our societies today, it is a criminal offense to mention some of these topics. The principle of Doublethink, holding two opposing views at the same time, is so typical of totalitarian minds. Naturally, it precludes all logical discourse. The doublethinkers first use insults, then violence and retribution to shut down open discussion. You can lose your job if you don’t “embrace diversity”, that is, approve of the destruction of Western Civilization. There are brave souls standing up against this onrush of ignorance (led, strangely enough, by the “universities”) such as Jordan Peterson and Janice Fiamengo in Canada, but no politician in Canada seems to have a backbone. They are all invertebrates.

All totalitarian societies are extremely brittle. They cannot accept any deviation from the official line of the Party. Consider one instance here, gay “marriage”. First, the claim was for “equality”, whatever that means. The claimants wanted only “tolerance”, to be treated the same as any normal married couple. Despite the religious and moral objections to this, gay marriage was legalized. Immediately, the day after almost, all moral and religious objections were dismissed as “hate” and under the suppression of free speech conditions that prevail in our society; anyone not approving of gay marriage was condemned as a “hater”. Gay propaganda was forced into educational curricula in schools by the leftist teacher unions, and of course students know full well that they are under the thumb of their teachers and have no say in the matter. Neither do parents.

This illustrates one of the basic principles of totalitarian rule:

Principle, The First:
Everything not forbidden is compulsory.

There is no civil society out of reach of the tentacles of government prying. Not only are the modes of work and doing business the concern of government, but also our private and intimate lives relating sex, love and family. “Universities” are again leading the way in this assault on human decency. Arbitrary accusations of “sexual misconduct” can lead to any man losing his job, career or position with no due process whatever. Remember, the witch trials in earlier centuries were all the results of anonymous accusations used by hysterical mobs and the lack of any due process or presumption of innocence. Strange, isn’t it, how our centers of higher learning are no better than a medieval mob?

We now come to the second principle of totalitarian rule:

Principle, The Second:
All opposing views are hate.

This has been amply demonstrated above, but for another example, consider imperialism and the colonial empires of past centuries. Africa was in the Stone Age prior to the arrival of the Europeans. All the current nations, Nigeria, South Africa, Rhodesia etc. were creations of Europeans. Industry, education, agriculture, were all introduced by the British, French and Germans among others. No doubt some bad things happened, so what’s new? The fact is, that without Western imperialism, Africa would be today where it was hundreds of years ago. In fact, since the fall of the colonial empires, much of it is reverting to more primitive times, witness the campaign of murder of White farmers in South Africa, and how Zimbabwe has sunk into chaos since the days of Rhodesia. Nevertheless, even a mention of these bedrock facts raises the ire of the pseudo-academic mobs in colleges. Recently, one professor was condemned simply for pointing out these facts in a paper “The Case for Colonialism”. The gutless journal, the Third World Quarterly, refused to publish the paper because of pressure and threats from the Thought Police in academia.

As you will see in future missives, many other principles of totalitarian rule will be discussed illustrating how our society is descending into tyranny. All from inner decay, as…
“Men do not go to ruin through lost wars, ….”

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