This Russia Nonsense


Now that the FBI has indicted a few Russians for “interfering” in the US election, by placing some ads on Facebook etc., (that were “disparaging Hillary Clinton!” I kid you not) is the entire edifice of US politics trembling? Er, no.

The Clinton circus spent over $1.2 billion (yes, 10^9), used untold numbers of orcs and trolls, had the entire Fake News Media lying for her 24/7 and…wait for it…a few ads on Fakebook threatened the electoral process of the US? Get real.

If you want real meddling look at the US— trying to unseat Netanyahu in the last Israeli election, Obama going to Britain during the referendum and threatening the British if they voted to leave the EUSSR, the Clinton/Obama catastrophe duo destroying Libya for no reason at all and turning it into a haven for ISIS terrorists and more recently, the Deep State Department funding the opposition to Orban in Hungary so that they could help that international globalist pest, George Soros.  And don’t forget the CIA-funded coup in Ukraine that deposed a legitimate government.  Imagine if the Russians had overthrown the Canadian government; how would the US feel?

Elections are all about “influencing” people to vote one way or another. During the Bush/Kerry election, a far-left rabble from Britain (supported by the Grauniad newspaper) descended on a few counties in the US to try to get people to vote for Kerry and not Bush. Where was the FBI then? Wasn’t that foreign interference? Of course not; when it’s for the Democrats, anything goes.

Of course, the Fake News Media wouldn’t be doing their job if it did not constantly refer to Putin as a KGB officer. But George Bush senior was the head of the CIA—peas in a pod. But the US political establishment has learned nothing in the last 30 years since the fall of communism. The endless propaganda creating enemies where there are none, and covering for the real blight on civilization, Islam, is doing the West no good at all.

In the last 30 years, Russia has changed more than any other country of relevance in the world—and mostly to the good. Whose armies are moving closer to the Russian border? Who broke the commitment not expand militarily eastward after the end of the Cold War? What reason was there for the US to destroy Libya?

This whole sorry affair is a demonstration of the malignant influence of the endless warmongering of the Deep State and a deeply corrupt Democrat Party that controls American politics. The incessant lies about and attacks on President Trump are a disgrace to the American nation. In the past, everybody despised the media in communist countries—the Western media are headed the same way fast, and with good reason.

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