The script writers are being fired

Ho ho ho!

Inspector General Horowitz found “reasonable grounds” for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The essential Democratic and Deep State illusion was that somehow they had not lost the election. That it was impossible for them to have lost it. So they concocted the Trump collusion-with-Putin story. That story is now unravelling. It looks like Obama and the Deep State conspired in many ways against the Trump campaign and swept Hillary’s misdeeds under the rug.

I predict this will eventuate in Obama being seen as the leftist villain that he is. That is to say, seen by the mass of moderate people who do not obsess with political blogs like this one.

The last time around, when George W. was President, the Democrats withdrew into the dream world of the West Wing, where wise Jeb Bartlett reigned as the alternative and very Democratic President. This time they were not content with realizing their fiction in television, and sought to achieve their fiction in reality, using the MSM and the Courts and the Special Investigator, Mueller.

Unfortunately for the scriptwriters, having tried to eliminate Trump by the two year long investigation into a fictional construct of Russian-Trump collusion, it turns out that the scriptwriters have themselves been revealed. They turn out to have been the senior levels of the FBI (James Comey) and the CIA (John Brennan). The audience is just as happy to see them dragged before the public for ritual abuse as they would have been happy to see Trump impeached.

Once you start concocting political fiction, using investigations, courts, the media and the full apparatus of US institutions, you are obliged to keep up the pace. The plot stalled. So a plot twist had to be devised to maintain public interest. Now Queen Hillary is being dragged in to save the ratings war.

To recap:

To Scott Adams, politics is an insult contest.

To the Z-man, it is a rock fight.

To Dalwhinnie, it is all a television series. When the television series stalls, the script writers are fired.