General Zod versus Doug Bozo

For Ontario voters dissatisfied with Ford, Horwath and Wynne, there’s another choice: General Zod

I have been pondering my options this morning.

First the claim that General Zod is less evil than Doug Ford is nonsense. His main attraction is that he promises:

  • mass enslavement
  • smiting of enemies
  • depopulating Toronto
  • killing millions
  • this will be your last vote you ever cast.

This is an exciting program. It calls for the creation of a master class of sadists, prison guards, executioners, extermination camps, and the immiseration of most of the populace. In other words it shows promise from a satanic point of view. Though General Zod claims to be already ruling the world, we know in truth that Satan has this job. So General Zod must be Satan’s lieutenant. So we know he lies. This is a good start.

Doug Ford’s platform includes

  • to change the Municipal Act to strengthen the hand of mayors in running cities, [boring]
  • to lower taxes on minimum wage earners,  [boring]
  • oppose the carbon tax [slightly interesting]
  • repeal sex education curriculum – since kids learn best by porn on the Internet [shows promise]
  • lower corporate taxes [boring]
  • require parental permission if you are a minor seeking an abortion [ho-hum]
  • gut the health care system [not really]

Altogether General Zod’s program shows a spark of imagination, compared to which Doug Bozo Ford looks boringly normal and focused on real-world issues.


My old pal Conrad Black recommends Doug Ford for his moderation:

Doug Ford represents frugal but compassionate government, concern for the people but refusal to make a socialist hammock-pitch for their votes. He is not a precise and overly articulate champion of detailed policy, but he can be relied on to do the right and the sensible thing. That cannot be said of his opponents.

Especially General Zod. It is rare that one has a real choice in the election. Lesbian know-it-all Kathy with greemie policies that are ruining us, versus Horwath, the stooge of trade unions and of anti-white, anti-male and anti-Christian forces, that would get us to Venezuela faster than lesbian know-it-all, versus a normal white guy, versus General Zod. I say that is a real choice.

I am reining in my deplorable instincts here and voting for Doug Bozo Ford. I hope you will likewise restrain yourselves and vote for Bozo-hood, which will be exciting enough for Ontario.

As Annie Leibowitz [?] once said, fascism is too exciting, communism too boring.