Freedom of speech in Trumpland

From American Greatness:

The past week of Russia hysteria has me longing for the good old days. Like 2009, when a Democratic president could pull missile defense systems out of Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Vladimir Putin without facing charges of treason. Or 2010, when a former Democratic president could take a cool half-million from a suspected Russian government-backed source to speak in Moscow and that wasn’t considered treasonous, either. Or 2012, when no one was screaming for impeachment when a Democratic president on a hot mic assured the Russian president that he’ll have “more flexibility” on missile defense systems once he’s re-elected. Or when the previous Democratic administration helped Putin toward his goal of controlling the worldwide supply chain of uranium and that was really all about “resetting” relationships.

Oh, how the times have changed!


I was at a reception at the US Embassy in Ottawa recently. A Canadian happened to remark that he had been there often listening to the most strident denunciations of Trump by Americans. Clearly for all the talk of Trump leading to fascism, there is not the least fear on the part of any American to complain that they are approaching a condition in which their speech would be even mildly dangerous to their careers.

Hence one can conclude that political discourse is alive and vigorous in the halls of the American government and in the felt freedom of its people to complain of Trump.

Perhaps it was the alcohol talking, but I made bold predictions of Republican gains not losses in the senate and house at mid-terms. When I have the inclination and closer to the time I will make precise more predictions.