The Democrat Party as “The Thing”

For those of you who are fans of John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece The Thing, the transformation of the husky dog that runs into an Antarctic base pursued by apparently crazy Norwegians must be indelibly etched in the mind. In the pound, at night, the dog, amid shrieks and growls, turns into a seething mass of alien protoplasm, absorbing the other dogs into its hellish organism. Approaching the metamorphosing creature, one of the terrified crew stammers, “…I don’t know what it is, b..but it’s weird and pissed off.”

Which brings me, naturally enough, to the Democrat Party. What, ostensibly, is, or was, a political party in the US, has, during the recent Hate-In surrounding the confirmation process of a Supreme Court nominee, exposed its inner nature as a something resembling an alien organism built to consume humans.

Not content with mundane lies, innuendo, smear and character assassination form the modus operandi of the Democrats on the committees. Dredging up some pseudo-psychologist from the distant past, who can produce not even a coherent memory of anything, crying, posturing, whining and self-pity apparently are now evidence for damning a man (only a man, never a woman) and destroying his character.

Further, the ignorant mobs shouting, screaming and disrupting the proceedings, are welcomed and tolerated by the Democrats, indeed, egged on to further mischief. Republican senators are harassed and hounded in public places and restaurants by thugs. A mockery is made of due process.

When this happens, the end of constitutional government is not far off. In a free society it is self-restraint that protects all, not just from the violence of others, but from the violence of government. Even a mob will not tolerate chaos; tyranny will be the result.

What type of people engage in this activity? What types are the left and socialists in general? What is the political protoplasm that forms the ichor of leftism?

Return to the wisdom of Gustave le Bon for an analysis of the leftist personality and the deplorable actions of these people are rendered in all their repugnant clarity. In The Psychology of Socialism over one hundred years ago, le Bon writes of the leaders of socialism and anarchism as demi-savants

I apply the term demi-savant to those who have no
other knowledge than that contained in books, and who
consequently know absolutely nothing of the realities of
life. They are the product of our schools and universities,
those lamentable factories of degeneration whose disastrous
effects have been exposed by Taine, Paul Bourget,
and many others. A professor, a scholar, or a graduate of
one of our great colleges is always for years, and often all
his life, nothing but a demi-savant.
It is from the ranks of the demi-savant, and notably
from the ranks of unemployed licentiates and bachelors
of the universities, outcasts from society whom the State
has been unable to place, ushers discontented with their
lot, university professors who find their merits overlooked,
that the most dangerous disciples of Socialism are recruited,
and even the worst Anarchists.

And what of the mob on the streets? Who are the leftists, the followers, the street rabble? Mostly, they are…

Social failures, misunderstood geniuses, lawyers without
clients, writers without readers, doctors without
patients, professors ill-paid, graduates without employment,
clerks whose employers disdain them for their
insufficiency, puffed-up university instructors—these are
the natural adepts of Socialism. In reality they care very
little for doctrines. Their dream is to create by violent
means a society in which they will be the masters.

We are seeing this unfold now in the US, and shortly thereafter it will happen in other countries. To stop the descent into anarchy, good men have to stand up and fight it. Watching the sad spectacle of the Democrats going insane on TV, Mrs Rebel Yell added drily, “…they only seem to be motivated by hate, anger and malice.” Need I add more?

One final blast from the great man…

If one were to review the parts played by the various
classes in the dissolution of society among [the Latin]
peoples, one would say that the doctrinaires and malcontents
manufactured by the universities act above all
by attacking ideals, and are, by reason of the intellectual
anarchy they give rise to, one of the most corrosive factors
of destruction ; the middle classes help the downfall by
their indifference, their egotism, their feeble will, and
their absence of initiative or political perception ; the
lower classes act in a revolutionary manner by seeking to
destroy, so soon as it shall be sufficiently undermined,
the edifice which is tottering on its foundations.

Yet again, another illustration that, in politics, there is nothing new under the Sun.

Rebel Yell