Trumpophobia 4

Matt Taibbi nails it in the most recent Rolling Stone. He captures the complete detachment of those who claim to be for the American working class and the American working class itself, by relating the carnival atmosphere at a Trump rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. His report, though thoroughly hostile to Trump himself, breaks through the pretensions of our Social Betters to expose the relevant fact: Trump is enormously popular with broad sections of the American people, people who are despised by the media and ignored by its political class. Revenge of the Deplorables, Part II will be in a theater near you.

Trump in Cincinnati August 2019

Taibbi writes: “Back on Pete Rose Way, a meager crowd of 100 or so protesters remains gathered across the street. A few anguished-looking college-educated types hold a banner reading “Hate Has No Home Here.” Walking up and down their side is a young activist with a bullhorn.

“I hate to break the bad news to you,” he shouts across the asphalt divide. “Trump doesn’t give a shit about working people!”

“Fuck you!” one of a trio of young MAGA dudes shouts in reply.

“His buddies are laughing and high-fiving. They’re having a blast. The anguish of the lefty protesters is the best part.

“Throughout Trump’s speech, spectators came down to taunt the libs. It got tense enough that a row of helmeted cops showed up, stringing patrol bicycles end to end in the middle of the street to create an ad-hoc barricade.

“He’s a fucking con man,” the would-be Ortega on the other side is chanting now. “Don the con . . . All power to the working class!”

“We are the working class, buddy!” an older man shouts. More laughs.”

We are the working class” – that is the truth, and everyone in the transaction knew it.

Taibbi states the obvious, which in a time of deceit and nonsense becomes a revolutionary act.

“The average American likes meat, sports, money, porn, cars, cartoons, and shopping. Less popular: socialism, privilege-checking, and the world ending in 10 years. Ironically, perhaps because of Trump, Democratic Party rhetoric in 2020 is relentlessly negative about the American experience. Every speech is a horror story about synagogue massacres or people dying without insulin or atrocities at the border. Republicans who used to complain about liberals “apologizing for America” were being silly, but 2020 Democrats sound like escapees from the Killing Fields.”

Exactly. Trump is going to crush the Democrats. This uncouth monster will have another four years, and not a single besser-wisser upper class toff and Volvo-driver will be able to do anything about it. Nor will any of the woke swarms of the multi-culti, or privileged and over-promoted black progressive bourgeoisie, be able to stop it.

It will be a pleasure to watch their heads explode, though after all these years it is dispiriting to see them incapable of responding intelligently to the political challenge of Trump. The reason they do not respond intelligently to Trump is that to do so would signify that they knew there were wrong about something. As they are infallible, or so they believe, they will lead the charge the same old way at the same old enemy and be destroyed in the same old way he has done before.

Is it not time for some of Trump’s enemies to admit publicly that, as a politician, he is very smart? Is it not time to learn from defeat?