Brian Lee Crowley on Multiculturalism

Yesterday, in the National Post, Brian Lee Crowley of the MacDonald Laurier Institute wrote something important about multiculturalism. He disconnected the relationship between diversity and national strength. About time!

“Diversity isn’t our strength; our strengths attract diversity. People from all nations come here because of the freedom, stability and opportunity Canada offers, not because people from all nations come here.

“There is thus a Canadian mainstream after all, and it is the foundation on which repose the diverse identities of Canadians which so preoccupy progressives. That mainstream is deeply conservative. The fact that no political party has been able to articulate and defend it is the greatest reason for our divisive and fractured politics.”

The Canadian political conservatives have been unable or unwilling to address the obvious falsity of “multiculturalism”. Canada has been nearly destroyed on several occasions because of the reality of two national cultures, French and English. Imagine twenty. Imagine the difficulties of governing when your nation is composed of a multitude of races, nations, religions, ,and languages. Imagine India.

Crowley touches on many other themes than the vanity of multiculturalism. He correctly points out that conservatism is based on a sentiment of gratitude. There is much more to his think piece than the jabs at multiculturalism. But the direct attack on the falsity of multicultural ideology is for me the most welcome.