Melanie Philips, Patriot

On the subject of Brexit, she says (at about 00:09:30 in the show) that her first thought was that Brexit gives to the British the chance of stopping the relentless advance of the “West-destroying” Left through the institution of Britain “which believes that the very idea of a British nation is racist”. “Britain now has a chance of regaining its identity….My second thought was, they’ll never allow it.” (at 00:10:45)

Seems she is right. “It is a fight to the political and cultural death, which is why we are in the state we are in.”

The political demoralization of which she speaks is the central event of our time. I have been living through it all my life. The attacks on nationalism by the leftist hydra have accomplished exactly what we see: the inability of the the west to defend its political soul. Nationalism is the necessary antibody that defends political liberty and constitutional government. Take it away and we suffer cultural equivalent of auto-immune disease. We die of adventitious infections that otherwise we could fight off, such as Islam, which is by itself powerless to impose itself upon us. When you hear the bleating chorus of “sexism/racism/homophobia/transphobia”, what you hear is the voice of those infected by the demoralization.