Trump’s policies are rational

Trump has a three point program, on which he and his regime are executing (as the business guys so love to say).

  • raise American working wages by controlling trade, hence managed trade deals with all trading partners;
  • raise American working class wages by restricting unskilled and illegal immigration from any source, especially central America;
  • No wars, so no expenditure on fixing a world that refuses to be fixed.

It is a program so simple you can remember it. Three points. So what are the results? Have working class wages been raised?

The poorest fourth of US wage earners garnered 4.5% wage growth, better than the other income quartiles.

When I listen to all my bien-pensant haters of Trump, and they are legion, I have to remind them that Trump is acting rationally to defend the interest of Americans, as he conceives the problem. His policies are to me utterly transparent. That he fights bare knuckled against the Democrats, the media, and the pretensions of both to govern us, is an entertainment. That he succeeds is a source of happiness. Yet it will be those working class people whose newly improved wages can be felt in their pockets who will put him back for a second term. Why is this not obvious?