Plague News

For concise and rational commentary on the corona virus panic, the American Council on Science and Health can’t be beat. See some of the articles here. Also of interest is their views on the appalling behavior of the media (no surprise here).

In the US, the Democrat Party is moving from the absurd into the realm of the truly despicable in their behavior, with their toadies in the media following suit. It turns out that President Trump’s ban on China travel was the right choice despite the squawking from the usual suspects. Perhaps the Europe travel ban should have been sooner.

In Canada, the federal government is drifting in the wind. How can we expect people who waste billions of dollars on the pretense that they can control the weather fifty years from now to have any grasp of a real problem right now?

Our government would rather destroy our economic future at the behest of a gang of unelected fake Indians than do anything productive for the nation, which, according the intellectual microbe Trudeau, no longer exists.

Having had some professional experience in emergency response operations, I have to say that most people would be amazed at how little forethought and preparation goes into getting ready for the next natural disaster.

The ignorance of basic science in our political classes is staggering. This is why politicians would rather listen to the dishonest eco-babble from the Extinction Rebellion clowns than pay any real attention to the facts concerning real problems that face us now.

The situation is no different with the corona virus problem. How does this sit with the anti-vax freaks now? As soon as a real problem appears, they’re the ones clamoring for a vaccine now! And why didn’t the government do it last week!

Perhaps one good result from this modern plague will be to put these destructive anti-vax crackpots in their place and make politicians get with the program on planet Earth—and stop thinking of their unicorn and pixie dust policies for controlling the weather.

Fat chance.

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