A Journal of the Plague Year (15)

One of the things we’re learning in this crisis is that so many organizations, particularly international organizations so beloved of the progressives, have shown themselves to be absolutely worthless.

The World Health Organization (WHO), belatedly calling for the measures it opposed only weeks ago (such as travel restrictions) at the behest of their communist masters in China, is now looked upon as a leading light. How short memories are.

And, in a very revealing and penetrating article in National Review, the timeline of the incompetence and catastrophe is laid out clearly.  It was well known in China in December of 2019, that there was a new, menacing pneumonia on the loose in Wuhan.

I won’t go into detail here, you should read the whole article. It reveals how the WHO has been just a mouthpiece for Chinese communist propaganda, and, as a result, Western nations have been stymied in their attempts to come to grips with this problem. Its head, Dr Tedros, has long been associated with Marxist revolutionary movements in Ethiopia that were responsible for untold deaths. He was and is in the pay of the Chinese communists. However, we’ll hold that for later. Now is the time to concentrate forces on the biological problem. Yet again, President Trump is showing himself to be a leader; a leader adapts fluidly to rapidly changing circumstances, without being bound by dogma. The White House press conferences show that. However, they also reflect the true nature of the Fake News Media. Repeatedly, CNN, the Cuckoo’s Nest network, would cut away from President Trump and the doctors on the task forces, to go to some fatuous nonentity for “opinion” or “interpretation”. In a time of national emergency who wants to listen to some bloviating halfwit from the world of pinko irrelevancy when we need facts about what is going on on the ground?

Esteemed idiot, Rachel Madcow, on MSNBC, was driveling on about how the US hospital ships Comfort and Mercy would not be arriving “for weeks” when live TV showed them arriving in New York and LA at that time. Truly a Comical Ali moment for the drivel network! There should be handouts of special awards, the New York Times Walter Duranty Awards for Mendacity in Journalism, with a special mention for Rachel Madcow.

As they say in a potential airline disaster, “brace for impact”, the next couple of weeks will be the make or break.

Rebel Yell