A Journal of the Plague Year (23)


April 8, 2020

In the US, Senator Rand Paul (Republican) has just been through covid-19 and recovered. As he’s an ophthalmologist he’s using his medical knowledge and expertise by volunteering at the local hospital and not going back to Washington. Bravo! We all need more politicians like him. Suck on that Clinton.

We see this devotion to duty and the community while all Hillary Clinton can do is bitch from the sidelines. Thank God she never made it to the White House.

One of the products of this new pandemic has been to show the importance of social distancing in suppressing the spread of the disease. Distancing human contact is difficult in doctor–patient relations, but necessary. Here again, the Internet steps in to the rescue. Telemedicine has suddenly come of age. After smart phones entered the world’s psyche, medical information from blood pressure and heart rates to X-rays and CT scans can be transmitted from patients to doctors and back. Much personal contact can be avoided in the Age of Corona.

Since this information can be transmitted anywhere, state boundaries in the US are becoming a hindrance to the practice of medicine.

In 2017, 76% of hospitals in the U.S. were connecting health care providers to patients – not to mention health care providers to fellow providers – via video and other forms of telehealth technology. It saves time and money, while providing the same, if not better, levels of care satisfaction….

…That’s why, as part of its coronavirus response strategy, the Trump administration has been focused on lifting barriers to telehealth for Medicare patients: 44 million people across the country. Rules that limited payments for telehealth visits have been removed. Regulations that blocked the use of popular applications like FaceTime and Skype have been suspended. Thanks to these actions and others like it, telehealth is more accessible than it’s ever been.

A result of this is that President Trump is rapidly deconstructing many of the bureaucratic strictures that prevent the medical professionals working to their full capacity. For example, he is moving rapidly on a number of fronts to:
[For a full description: [here]

Relax Medical Licensing Rules that Prevent Health Care Professionals from Performing Services They Are Trained to Provide
Lift Other Barriers to Telemedicine
Accelerate the Approval of New Medicines
Do Not Require Premarket Approval for Laboratory-Developed Diagnostic Tests…
…Among other things.

And in the other fantasy land of the EU, the Chief Science Director, Professor Ferrari, has resigned, saying:

…he had “been extremely disappointed by the European response” to the pandemic. He complained about running into institutional and political obstacles as he sought to swiftly set up a scientific programme to combat the virus.
“I have seen enough of both the governance of science, and the political operations at the European Union,” he wrote. “I have lost faith in the system itself.”

A pretty definitive critique, n’est-ce pas? The EU has shown itself to be simply a power bureaucracy for the globalist money class; they have shown no interest in behaving like an actual government that might have responsibilities towards its citizens. Judging by the opinions emerging in Italy and Spain, its days are numbered. Maybe the drunkard Juncker and his other megalomaniac eurocrats can retire to a bar and drink themselves to death. They’d be doing us all a favor.

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