– a belated introduction from Dalwhinnie

Herakles takes a break: Athena pours him a libation


Greetings readers, fellow Barrelstrengthians, strangers:

Barrelstrength dot com is in the process of being discontinued and carried over to Barrelstrength dot ca.

Our former webmaster died untimely a few months ago – we suspect of a very early case of Covid19 flu. In any case we had no access to our management files so that we could renew the payment for the website and renew the domain name with certainty of success. Thus we were forced to relocate in subspace. Our archives will be gradually moved to

The same gallery of writers, some steady, some intermittent, continue their labours. The fifth labour of Hercules was to clean out the stables of King Augeas, where for some reason the cattle had been left untended. We are still trying to clean out the stables, as it were, in a never ending struggle against the build up of mental manure in every corner of society, including especially academia.

Hercules was cheated out of his payment by King Augeas for cleaning the stables. We have not been cheated; we work for free. We defy the adage of Samuel Johnson that “Only a fool writes for anything but money” . We were paid quite well in our careers for writing, but now we get to say what we like, which is payment enough.