A Journal of the Plague Year (37)


Number of Confirmed Cases per million

A Journal of the Plague Year (37)

April 22, 2020


Lockdown or not?  The US and the UK are doing the complete lockdown trip.  Is this making any really significant difference to the number of cases of corona virus and deaths?


But Sweden is taking a different tack.  Will it work, in the sense of keeping the county working as approximately normal, and having no significant difference in the number of deaths due to corona virus?


The graph above is very interesting for precisely these reasons.  The cases (per million of the population) for Sweden is lower than that for the US and the UK.  What does this tell us?  Right now, the jury is out on that, but it seems that the difference is not that much.  Is the total lockdown an over-reaction?


Sweden is the experiment that will tell us that.


Total Number of Confirmed Deaths per million

Here, the data are less clear: Sweden is between the US and the UK. Again Sweden has no lockdown and the US and the UK do.  So far, it doesn’t seem to show up in the data. Maybe Sweden is playing with the Devil.  Stay tuned on that one.


Rebel Yell

Arran Gold


A French study found that only 4.4% of 350 coronavirus patients hospitalized were regular smokers and 5.3% of 130 homebound patients smoked
This pales in comparison with at least 25% of the French population that smokes
Researchers theorized nicotine could prevent the virus from infecting cells or that nicotine was preventing the immune system from overreacting to the virus
To test this theory, hospitalized coronavirus patients, intensive care patients and frontline workers nicotine patches