A Journal of the Plague Year (45)

Hospital Beds per1 000 people, 2018

Hospital Beds per 1 000 people, 2018.


April 29, 2020

That’s an interesting statistic.  There seems to be some interesting info regarding the Russian situation.  We are always led to believe that they are far behind the curve, but it seems maybe that is not the real situation.  I make no claims on the validity of the data: the conditions are the same for everybody.


So how many deaths are due to COVID-19 and how many to other causes?  One thing that is not in disputes is that many surgeries that would normally have happened have been cancelled and postponed because the hospital beds have to be available for the COIVD-19 cases; which, don’t seem to be appearing at the anticipated rate.

And today…


An estimated 35 people in Ontario have died due to delayed cardiac surgeries during the pandemic, Health Minister Christine Elliott says:

So there is an opportunity cost as the economists would say.

…To free up beds, Ontario’s hospitals have cancelled 52,700 surgeries since March 15, and are delaying 12,200 additional surgeries each week that operation rooms remain idle.


“As of April 23, there were 910 hospitalized COVID-19 patients leaving over 9,000 unoccupied acute care hospital beds including over 2,000 critical care beds,” an FAO statement says. “As a result, the province has a significant amount of remaining available capacity to accommodate COVID-19 hospitalizations.”


So, apparently, the province has an excess of critical facilities right now.  Shouldn’t some assessment of the need be made on a regular basis?  And changes made where required? And from:

In this interview with Imperial College modeler Neil Ferguson (yes, the one with the “two million million [sic] will die” model, that later got revised drastically downward) he seems to take a more nuanced position than some of his acolytes, sees continued lockdown as unrealistic “and causing excess mortality from other causes” (!), expects a second wave (he’s not alone in that), and favors a South Korean-style test, track & trace approach.


Recall that the Imperial College model predicted some millions of deaths if the British government did not adopt the total lockdown strategy.    At least they’re responding to changing real situations.


Just like a virus takes over a healthy cell, eviscerates it, and turns into a factory to create more viruses, so the plague of experts has taken over all our systems of science, education and even the arts, and turned them into factories to turn out more phony “experts.”

We have a disease, and unless we let in sunlight to illuminate the problem, Western civilization will die of it.

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” —Niels Bohr



Well Niels Bohr had it right nearly one hundred years ago.  And here’s some emergency physicians [here]  giving their take on the mainstream hysteria:


OK, everyone take a valium and report back tomorrow…


Another interesting video, that, I understand has been censored the Thought Police at Youtube….Hospitals are not threatened with COVID-19 overload.  So, why  would that be a problem?  Well, Youtube is part of the thought control apparatus in our world…

Apparently, Youtube is attempting to lie about it here]

And remdesirvir helps as a therapeutic?…[here]


[PS Mrs Rebel Yell figures that in Canada the Liberal Party has conducted a coup, by keeping Trudeau in his Yalta retreat (a la Gorbachev) and installing a Freeland/Morneau/Globe&Mail/CBC junta to really run the government.  Umm. Stay tuned.]

April 29, 2020

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