A Journal of the Plague Year (47)

A Journal of the Plague Year (47)

May 1, 2020

To lockdown or not lockdown? The above graph shows us that the US, UK and Sweden do not have significant differences in daily confirmed cases per million (3-day rolling average). The US and UK have lockdown and Sweden doesn’t. It’s early days, but it’s beginning to look like there may be not that much difference.

In Ontario-ari-ari-ario, Premier Doug Ford is announcing  the beginning of the opening season come May 4th.

A short list of Ontario businesses will be allowed to reopen Monday, Premier Doug Ford announced, citing positive trends in the province’s fight against COVID-19 that make the limited resumption of economic activity a safe possibility.
The following businesses will be allowed to open on Monday: lawn care and landscaping; garden centres and nurseries with curbside pickup; community gardens; no-touch car washes; auto dealers by appointment only; and some construction projects. Ford added that marinas and golf courses will be allowed to start getting ready for the season, but cannot open for business just yet.

Good start. We all know more about this thing now, so let’s get going, we can deal with it.

Take some time off: this will pass. Just think of the future of the Earth—this fascinating video from Cool Worlds Lab with David Kipping, astrophysicist, puts it all in perspective….Enjoy…


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