Tyrant Trudeau Crushing Our Liberties

The Root of All Freedom

May 2, 2020

What does a Liberal government in Canada do after a tragic shooting incident? Why, assault the rights and liberties of law-abiding Canadians, of course. All quite in form for a politician who has been brown-nosing the communist Chinese regime for years.

Trudeau’s plans to ban “assault-style” guns are, of course, fundamentally dishonest. Assault weapons can fire fully automatically, launch grenades, and have bayonet attachments etc. All these weapons are currently illegal in Canada. “Assault-style” simply means a self-loading rifle than has a stock that looks like something else. This piece of deception is what they use to further infringe our rights to own firearms.

Needless to say, this has no bearing on public safety.

As reported on PJMedia:

…The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have confirmed that the shooter in the Nova Scotia rampage in April used guns already illegal in Canada, and did not possess the required license to own firearms. The CBC reports that 70 to 90 percent of all crimes in Canada are committed with illegal guns from the U.S., but that the Canadian government has failed to enforce the laws already on the books….Notably, the Canadian government does not define the term “assault-style weapon.”

Of course, that gives them arbitrary power to ban anything they want. And that’s the point. Arbitrary power is tyranny.

After an Islamic terrorist attack, does the government seek to ban law-abiding Muslims? No. The police are sent round to “talk to ‘elders’ in the community” to assure them that there will be no backlash against them by outraged victims of the attack.

The attack on the rights of law-abiding Canadians is an absolute disgrace. All the usual suspects, the appalling corrupt media, the PC crowd that suffocates all free discussion in this country, are, as usual, supine before this fatuous little man riding rough-shod over our freedoms.

And the tragedy is that the Conservative Party, a pale shadow of its former self, is adrift and leaderless, scared of the yapping jackals in the Fake News media.

Surely, why doesn’t Trudeau promise to end the killing of people by drunk drivers? With his “logic” that would be easy—simply ban sober drivers from driving.

To our American brothers and sisters: never, ever give up your Second Amendment; that is the only thing that can make tyrants tremble.

Oh Canada!?


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