A Journal of the Plague Year (49)


Dr John Campbell

May 4, 2020


Dr Campbell is a British medical man (PhD Nursing) who gives excellent videos every day on the state of the corona virus pandemic.  He sticks fast to the medical facts and how they influence us.


However, in this video, he can scarcely contain his outrage at the behavior of the World Health Organization (WHO) and, of course, the Chinese Communist regime. 


The purpose of the WHO is to oversee the public health issues facing the nations around the world and alert us to possible oncoming dangers.  In the video, Dr Campbell lays out the time from December 2019 to the present and all the decision points where the WHO was manifestly negligent while repeating the lies of the communist regime.  Time after time, the WHO failed to give relevant information and advice when that is their mandate. His words include “appalling” and “a disgrace” among others. But he keeps his cool. 


The WHO has a special committee to look out for these eventualities, one of whose members is Dr Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer.  She was part of this charade of a health organization all this time and is complicit in its actions.  Not a word of criticism has been raised in our supine media; only Rebel News has carried anything about this—which explains why they are so despised by the Establishment.


Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel News

And speaking of our mini-me PM, the new Canada Emergency Business Account designed to advance loans of up to $40 000 for businesses in the COVID-19 relief program has to have some Liberal slime attached to it. Of course, any small business has to sign on to a loyalty oath to Liberal values if they want a loan!  No wonder Trudeau has such admiration for the communist tyranny in China; he’s trying to import their methods here. As Sheila Gunn Reid points out in Rebel News [here] :


…But there is a hitch, as there always is with Liberal programs. The new CEBA program is tailored to make sure that only Liberal compliant businesses survive.

To qualify for the government backed bank loan, the struggling applicant businesses must profess:

“…does not promote violence, incite hatred or discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, region, education, age or mental or physical disability”.

The problem is the Liberals’ definitions of those things — discrimination, hate and violence — are ever-evolving, to mean values that don’t comport with stuff Justin Trudeau likes.

Christian bookstore? You mean you hate gay and transgender people.

Sporting goods supplier? You mean you promote violence because you oppose the new Liberal gun ban.

Boys’ summer camp? You’re discriminating against girls.

See where this is going?

This is a slippery and dangerous slope. A government loan program should be open to everyone meeting the financial criteria, not just those who agree with the government. Do we want a values test for healthcare? Or welfare?


Equality for Liberals means submitting to their dogma.  Nothing else.


Rebel Yell



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