Eric Weinstein stands up at the right moment

I am overwhelmed by the amount of things to blog about. Riots, mayhem, pandering to blacks, moral posturing, Black Lives Matter, professors being fired, diversity inclusion and equity, anti-white ideology.  But I can raise a hand to salute Eric Weinstein on his balanced and incisive attack on the movement to defund police, and the reasons why it is nonsense.

On the other hand, he takes twenty minutes to say what the redneck cracker said in twenty seconds.  But he takes an adult and balanced approach. Moral posturing is the death of the search for the right moral balance. “You are opening the gates of hell” says Eric. And indeed we are.



Arran Gold

Why did the protests over George Floyd turn into mass hysteria?

One of the most distinctive things about the eruption of Black Lives Matter protests across the world is the speed with which they were endorsed by virtually every powerful institution and individual……The build-up of this intense pressure to conform is not really about the brutal killing of George Floyd. The emergence of this powerful global groupthink is also an outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic. From a sociological point of view, the lockdown and the pandemic can be seen as a medium through which many pre-existing cultural trends acquired an unprecedented momentum. The cultural polarisation that existed before the emergence of Covid has become even more rigid than it was.

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