The Rot at Cambridge University

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 19: Members of the public punt along the river Cam in front of the colleges of Cambridge University on April 19, 2011 in Cambridge, England. The UK is currently basking in fine weather with the Met Office predicting temperatures up to 25C this week. The fine weather comes as many people are taking advantage of the combination of a late Easter and additional Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding to take extended breaks and holidays. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A very necessary and rigorous take-down of the appalling leadership of the once-great Cambridge University by Douglas Murray [here] is necessary reading for all.


It relates the story of an ignorant mediocrity proclaiming ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ and her subsequent promotion by the University commissars.  But even better is the commentary by a Mark Corby (thank you, sir) which I reproduce below:


Well done indeed Mr Murray, a splendid piece. Using almost surgical precision, you have skewered that pretentious Gopal to the wall, like a malignant butterfly.
Even allowing for an infinitesimal amount of Oxford bias, you have clearly exposed the University of Cambridge for the pestilential cesspool of academic achievement it has been since time immemorial. One only has to think of the wretched traitors spawned there in the 1930’s, Blunt, Cairncross, Philby & Co.
Nurtured and suckled by the heady atmosphere of sodomy, treachery and deceit, so prevalent at the time, particularly in the infamous Apostles ‘Society‘, no single institution has done so much damage to England.
Gopal, an over promoted, entitled cretin, seething with rage, and continually spewing vitriol like some demented Gorgon, is but the latest in the horrors that Cambridge has visited on this once “ green and pleasant land”.


‘Nuf said.


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