A Journal of the Plague Year (64)

Some updates from Old Blighty on the state of coronadoom…


From the Daily Mail (UK) 

As my legions of adoring fans will note, this is a much-delayed missive on the state of our collective insanity. This will be the last specific plague-year number. Why?

….Because this epidemic is OVER. All that remains is the paranoia and political hysteria that is paralyzing entire countries. Politicians will be loath to give up their “emergency powers”—they enjoy them too much. Of course, there are large swathes of the population that relish wallowing in disaster porn, but most of us are sick of it. Our societies have dealt with much worse diseases and not shrivelled up into whining cry-babies. Here are a couple of snap shots from Britain, where again the paranoia is being stirred up for “second waves’, “third waves” and “n-th waves” just so governments can boss everyone around in their private lives.

Oh, and never mind the millions who have lost their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods—they are just the collateral damage when you are “saving lives”. On that topic, ask the residents of long-term care homes in Governor Cuomo’s Death State, New York, how they feel about that. Or, for that matter, in Canada.


As Guido Fawkes (UK Blogger) notes…

New polling from Kekst CNC has revealed that on average the British public believe a whopping 7% of the UK population has died from Coronavirus, a number 100 times higher than the recorded-death reality. Brits also believe that 22% of the country has had coronavirus, when the real surveyed number is four times less – between 5 and 6%. Brits are also the most fearful of a second wave of infections of any country polled, with more than three-quarters (76%) expecting one in the next year or so…



Rebel Yell

Arran Gold

re: This will be the last specific plague-year number

Bureaucracies never go out of business, they just transmogrify . The “specific plague-year number” posting should uphold that tradition. Plus there are so many associated issues that need to be addressed. Here are but a few suggestions.

– post link to to Heather MacDonald’s latest WuFlu article where she takes a victory lap after being castigated by a certain blogger on this website for having the temerity to post the article “Compared to what?”

– associated economic impact

– the coverage by the Youtube-trained & Google-certified reporters everywhere, both right and left of the political spectrum.

– sociological analysis of wtf happened.

– progress in the development of stfu widget for the chattering classes

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