The origins of the COVID virus and the WHO response

Matt Ridley is obviously not a nutter. Fifth Viscount Ridley, (family fortune made in the early coal revolution – coals to Newcastle), author of many books on biology, economics, innovation and how the world is improving. Accomplished, personable, rational and manifestly sane.

His comments on the origins of the Wuhan COVID flu are as provocative as they are based in fact. All of the interview is enlightening but the parts relating to COVID and the WHO start at 35:00. As one of the interviewers said, the first part of the interview will offend followers of David Ickes, the second will send them into firm agreement.

To be clear, Ridley maintains that the evidence leads to the conclusion that likely cause of COVID was the escape of laboratory experiments in recombining various corona viruses, and he explains why this is a reasonable inference. Quite deadly.