Cultural appropriation

Have you noticed the ease with which all superior cultures absorb the cultures of others? Have you noticed the enormous influence of Chinese, Japanese and Korean musicians on western classical music? Kyung-Wha Chung? Yo-yo Ma? Michiko Uchida? Yuja Wang? Appropriate this, you people!

Gustav Holst’s symphonic band from the 1930s, performed by a Japanese wind band. They dont give a damn it is western. They only care about perfection. And we should appropriate that concept and make it our own, in an act of cultural appropriation.


Arran Gold

There is also another perspective. I once asked a friend why there were so many Chinese musicians in western classical music and he said, “Have you ever heard Chinese music?” Similarly Indian didn’t get it first symphony orchestra till 2006 because as WSJ noted, “Western classical music has historically struggled to find a place in India, a country that has its own vibrant tradition of classical music.

Khushroo N. Suntook, chairman of Mumbai’s National Centre for Performing Arts, has been trying to change that. In 2004, after attending a concert in London, Mr. Suntook was inspired to revive Western classical music in Mumbai by setting up India’s only symphony orchestra.”

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