The Assault on Science

The American Council on Science and Health is an organization devoted to expanding scientific literacy and debunking junk science. These days, that’s a Herculean task. Dr Alex Berezow explains in a recent article how the postmodernist pollution of academia and its infiltration into the media is doing significant damage to America’s world-wide reputation as a leader in science and technology.

When hard work, rational analysis, and careful experimentation are looked upon as “whiteness”, with the implication that they are necessarily bad, you know that the end of an open society is at hand. (Actually, in a weird way, that’s right, as White civilizations in Europe essentially created the modern world and the scientific revolution during the Enlightenment.)

When I was a young lad, the Scientific American (now the Pseudo-Scientific American) was the go-to magazine to get the latest on the most recent advances in science, in articles well-written by some of the world’s leading lights. Now, the Scientific American publishes articles endorsing Biden for President. This is not surprising as the Scientific American has been garbage for a long time.

As Dr Berezow says:

Though nobody can actually define postmodernism, it is characterized by a rejection of objective truth. This toxic ideology is rampant in academia and gaining popularity in the broader culture. Its most nefarious manifestation is Critical Theory, which derives from Marxism and posits that society is nothing but a hierarchy of oppressors and the oppressed. Out of this nonsense comes the absurd belief that the scientific method and even knowledge itself are tools of the white patriarchy….

…This will all backfire. One of the quickest ways to destroy one’s credibility is by being overtly political, yet more of the scientific community is doing precisely that. Once credibility is lost, trust and funding often go along with it.

Let’s see some of these postmodernist crackpots build a bridge…that doesn’t fall down.

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