The Great Covid Madness (6)

An excellent analysis of empirical data relating covid infections and deaths with lockdowns and other “non-medical interventions”. Dr Ivor Cummins on his podcast (The Fat Emperor) discusses real data (not computer models) with Joel Smalley, MBA, Data Scientist; Dr Claire Craig, Diagnostic Pathologist; Dr Johnathan Engler, MBChB, Biotechnologist, and Marie Oldfield, Chartered Statistician and Scientist with the Royal Statistical Society.

They look at how diseases flow through populations and what, if any, effects do lockdowns and mask wearing have on covid death rates. Not surprisingly, they have no effect at all on arresting the spread of the disease and likely a deleterious effect. Far greater damage to health, in the long run, is caused by lockdowns, without even considering the disastrous social and economic effects.

Basically, the hysterical reactions of governments to the coronavirus constitute one of the most colossal policy failures of all time.


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