What’s the Point of the Tories?

Rex Murphy in the National Post gave them both barrels today… [here]

One year into COVID our venerated House of Commons is a disembowelled, non-functioning, neglected wreck. The targeted disrespect of the absolute and central symbol and instrument of our democracy has no parallel. No “minority” government has ever operated with the smug insouciance and patented, virtue-perfumed arrogance towards the Commons as the Trudeau government. This is, when we step back, their biggest sin.

All true, Rex. But where are the Tories? Why aren’t they raising hell? Why aren’t they holding rallies on Parliament Hill? Why aren’t they doing something?

Here we have a “government” that has bankrupted the nation, put hundreds of thousands out of work, destroyed multitudes of small businesses that took years to set up, instituted house arrest for most people in this country when the evidence shows that lockdowns do nothing to suppress the spread of covid-19 or reduce the death rate, or stop people from catching it.

Our churches, clubs, sports centers, social gatherings have been shuttered by an arrogant tribe of ignorant know-nothings pretending to be our saviors. Our everyday human social existence has been throttled for no reason other than stupid politicians making the wrong decisions, all the time, and not having the common sense to admit when they’re wrong. Our freedoms and liberties have been trampled underfoot and nobody is even objecting to it in that fatuous talking shop called a Parliament.

It’s unconscionable. The average citizen in this country has sacrificed more than any of these parasites in government have ever done. And where is the Conservative Party—the supposed defender of freedom and liberty? Where are the objections of outrage raised in the House of Commons? Is there anyone with a backbone left in the Tory Party?

This is not idle ranting. When the nation is facing a mass failure of governments on the federal and provincial levels, some-one in Parliament must stand up. Is that so hard to do? These MPs are protected by Parliamentary privilege; they can make a voice heard across the country in defense of freedom and liberty while the state is expanding its suffocating hold over every aspect of our private and social lives.

What have we heard from the Tories? Nothing. Instead, Conservative leader O’Toole has rushed to do the bidding of sneering Liberal apparatchiks by groveling before them because of some obscure individual, whom the Liberals did not like, making a contribution to an MP’s campaign fund. So what? Our country’s very substance is being violated by this degenerate commissariat of half-wits and O’Toole continues drooling on about the “far-right”, another phantasm of the Liberal Committee for Phlogiston Manufacture!

Further, the “Proud Boys” have been declared a “terrorist” organization (along with others) by unanimous consent in the House of Commons. Really? As far as I know, the “Proud Boys” have not been burning down city centers, assaulting police officers, causing millions, sorry billions, of dollars in damages, mostly on minority-owned businesses, and killing people. No, that’s Black Lives Matter (ha ha) and Antifa, the mainline communist thug outfits favored by the lying media. The gang that our fatuous pseud of a prime minister grovels before. Did not one Tory MP voice any concern about declaring an organization “terrorist” just because some Liberal says so? Who will be next? And will the Conservatives stand up then, or fold again?

I know that I am not alone in this. If the Tories do not wake up, they are finished. Why would anyone want to vote for a party that simply wants to be a door mat for the Liberals? The only reason Trudeau has the popularity ratings he does is because of the weakness and fatuousness of the opposition. Sucking up to the Fake News media is a waste of time. They will always hate the Right. Better to invite their hatred; then, normal people will know that you have a backbone.

The inimitable Basil Fawlty from “Fawlty Towers”, when exasperated, would say, “What’s the bloody point?” And yes, as far as the Tories are concerned right now, “What’s the bloody point”?

End the lockdown, tear off those masks, and tell these tyrants to go to hell.

And now, for the right-wing viewpoint….

Rebel Yell


Mu’ad Dib! He no longer needs the weirding weapon! His voice alone shatters rock!

Chorus of Fremen: Mu’ad Dib! Mu’ad Dib! Crush the Harkonnens! Kill the Beast Rabban!

Emperor’s Response: Get me fifty legions of my Sardaukar terror troops on Arrakis at once!