The Descent Into Madness (1)

Truly, whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. So said the Ancient Greeks, demonstrating how much wiser they were than any of our current political leaders.

Almost all hitherto existing cultures and civilizations have been authoritarian states, whether ruled by an emperor, or a powerful Senate as in the Roman Republic, or a mixture of principalities and city states. Even the Democracy of ancient Athens was only a democracy of the upper echelons of that society.

For example, the Republic of Venice (the Most Serene Republic—La Serenissima) existed for over a thousand years. From its inception in 697 AD it was a center of trade in the Mediterranean and a center of learning in the arts, music and science. It was the birthplace of the great European explorer, Marco Polo, the composers Vivaldi and Marcello, the home of da Vinci and many others.

It was governed by a Grand Council of merchants and aristocrats from about a hundred families who elected the Doge who ruled for life. Venice was a shining light in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance; princes vied with one another to hire the best artists, composers and scientists. Authoritarian government is directed to control of the State—not control of society or the social being.

Totalitarianism is something quite different and much more a product of the modern age. It does not even depend on authoritarian government; in fact, modern totalitarianism defers to democracy.

Totalitarian rule is aimed at controlling the minds, thoughts and behavior of everyone, particularly in their private lives. It aims at abolishing the very concept of a private life beyond control of the rulers and their dogmas. As in 1984, there will be no ownlife.

Language is debased and slogans mean their exact opposite—War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Diversity is Strength. The Bolsheviks tried this to the extent of trying to eliminate the family, the root of all civilization even forcing people to live in communal apartments with no private space. Needless to say this collapsed after a few years.

The French Revolution was essentially the first Bolshevik Revolution of modern times. Again, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity meant the exact opposite. The Terror replaced liberty, arbitrary dictatorship replaced Equality, and fratricidal murder replaced Fraternity. The Revolutionists sought to destroy not only the aristocratic state, and the Church, but French culture itself. All thought independent of the republican dogmas was to be expunged. The Terror reached such a frenzy, that friends betrayed friends, neighbors betrayed neighbors, to the guillotine for fear of themselves being the next to be beheaded in the name of Brotherhood. Tens of thousands perished and society and the economy foundered. As Gustave le Bon remarks in “The Psychology of Revolution”…

The propaganda of the new apostles was very energetic. To convert the provinces they sent thither zealous disciples escorted by guillotines. The inquisitors of the new faith would have no paltering with error. As Robespierre said, “The republic is the destruction of everything that is opposed to it.” What matter that the country refused to be regenerated? It should be regenerated despite itself. “We will make a cemetery of France,” said Carrier, “rather than fail to regenerate it in our own way.”

The new rulers of France despised the ordinary people, their religion, their culture and their very being. The French Revolution was totalitarian—the complete extirpation of all previous social relations and ideas.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was another totalitarian revolution with the same motivations and ideas. The same hatred of the Russian people was displayed; the same spite and envy powered their depraved designs. Again, attempts were made to eradicate all hitherto existing society and to control the minds, thoughts and behaviors of every citizen.

Although totalitarian regimes are usually also authoritarian, they do not have to be.

Authoritarian governments wish to control the State; totalitarian governments wish to control the mind.

In general, authoritarian rulers seek to aggrandize the State and Nation; totalitarian rulers despise the very people that make up the Nation. In our world today, the main forces of totalitarianism are extant in nominally democratic countries such as the USA, Canada, Britain and others. We see this in the proliferation of hate speech laws aimed at suppressing any and all points of view displeasing to our rulers. Punishments are exacted by cancelling people, firing them from their jobs or bankrupting their businesses. We see it too in the incessant insults against white people with the perpetual denigration of our history and with the belittling of our culture.

We see it too in the bastardization of our language. As George Orwell pointed out many years ago the control of language means the control of thought and the control of thought means the control of consciousness. The entire object of totalitarian mind control is to render coherent thought and rational expression impossible. Nations that are subject to this are easy to control and populations easy to suppress.

The recent events in the United States, the fraudulent election, the takeover of the capital by the deep state, and the attempted suppression of any opposition, are harbingers of the coming tyranny. The same is true in Canada and Britain.

In the US, Canada and Britain, no attempt has been made by the so-called conservative parties to call out the corruption of the education system, the substitution of propaganda for history, and the attempts to eradicate any freedom of discussion. The universities are now reduced to institutions of the Deep State committed to dumbing down the next generation of students and eliminating their capacity for analytical thought. The complete perversion of education is in full flight. Teachers and professors are bullied by Red-Guard students and political commissars, now called diversity and inclusion officers.

Totalitarian society is here, and it will get worse. For an outstanding analysis, read the interview with Professor of Clinical Psychology, Mattias Desmet of Ghent University, carried in lockdownsceptics [here]
Our conservative politicians in the West have shown themselves to be spineless and worthless, meekly lying down in front of this onslaught. If they wish to survive, they must stand for something and make their ideas known. That requires courage, not subservience.

Are any of them up to it?

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