The Nothingness of Canada’s Conservative Party

…Or Propaganda 102…

My avid fans may remember my short missive Propaganda 101 from a few days ago. In that, I tried to show how incompetent was the Tory propaganda machine in dealing with the Sloan Affair. Actually, they made it an affair, whereas it should have been a minor annoyance.

Recall that, recently, an Ontario Christian pastor was arrested [here] and sent to jail for holding church services. On being warned by the police charged with enforcing the tyrannical “lockdown” fantasies of the Liberal government, he refused to renege on his responsibilities to his flock by signing onto some submission, but chose to remain in jail pending trial.

The pretense that lockdowns have led to any improvement in the “fight against covid” has been shown to be a fallacy. Examination of data from around the world will clearly show that lockdowns have no effect on the spread or containment of covid. The entire response of the federal government is based purely on panic and a rejection of established scientific responses to a pandemic.

Many thousands of scientists and medical experts signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration which declares that the response to the pandemic should have been based upon protecting the vulnerable, caring for the sick, and allowing civilized society to continue.

There is certainly no agreement in the scientific world as to the viability of lockdowns. There is clearly in the political world a great deal of room for open discussion, and it seems that the Conservative Party no longer believes in free and open discussion, even when vital national interests are at stake.

Now, Erin O’Toole has revoked the Conservative Party membership of Pastor Hildebrandt and his son for taking this principled stand.

Even if the Tool disagreed strongly with the position of Pastor Hildebrandt, he should have spoken up for the principle of religious freedom and brought into question the insane regulations regarding lockdown. If the Tool wants the Conservative Party “to have the courage to change” as he said recently, the very least he could do is offer Conservatives the opportunity and the freedom to discuss important issues within the party in order to set a policy alternative before the nation.

It seems that the Tool is desperately trying to be liked by the establishment, by the CBC, by the Fake News Media, and the jabbering twitterati on social media. This is a fool’s task. True conservatives will never be liked by the liberal establishment, and seeking their favors is an errand destined to result in failure.

Most voters will agree that they cannot support every policy propounded by any party, but they will make a reasoned choice when presented with some concrete proposals. Unless the Conservatives can actually state some proposals, give the public a point of view, and can actually formulate some policies and ideas, why would anybody consider voting for them?

What is the conservative policy on western alienation, or energy policy, or immigration, or Canada’s position in the world, other than the fatuous posturing of the Trudeau clown brigade? What is their position on the continuing suppression of free speech in universities and colleges, the “cancel culture” whereby people can lose their jobs and positions simply for having displeased the chattering classes?

What is their position as we see our rights and freedoms, indeed the Charter itself, being reduced to mere vaporware?

Trying to make one’s opponents like you, and at the same time alienating your core voters, is a recipe for electoral catastrophe. It really means that the Conservative Party has given up on actually being conservative. If that is the case, then there is no real reason for any voter, conservative or not, to support them.

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