From a year ago

The recent gentle pushback against the more egregious of Premier Ford’s recent missteps prompted a revisit to these thoughts.

“How well will the people manage compliance? At a certain point, even sheep recall they have teeth. I recall a steamy Toronto night in the 80’s, on the sidewalk outside the El Mocambo night club after it closed. A few dozen people milling around, smoking joints, making coke deals and deciding which booze can to move on to. A black-and-white pulled up and a police officer got out to ticket a car. A loud and angry voice said, “Get away from that car!” Other people started to shout. I was impressed with how quickly the mob formed, and how thrilling it was to be part of it. A special kind of adrenaline, I suppose, with all the fun and none of the fear. The cop turned around, got in the car and drove away, to a chorus of jeers and curses. Will parents cut the locks on city park gates and tell the state to fuck off? I can only hope.”

Rebel Yell

I was expecting to see …вы сейчас выежаете из сектора Квебека! However, the Soviet Conservative Party in Ontario wasn’t that imaginative.

Rebel Yell

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