Feet of Clay

It may be that several idols will be toppled this week and next.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are falling  behind in electoral polling.

The Conservatives have moved slightly ahead, maybe significantly ahead, of the Liberals. I saw a poll that placed the Liberals as low as 29%.

Erin O’Toole
Justin Trudeau
New Democrat
Jagmeet Singh
Bloc Québécois
Yves-François Blanchet
Annamie Paul
Other (He whom the CBC will not mention)
One of the advantages of not writing or thinking about Canadian politics for months is that one becomes like an ordinary person, one who has no public voice or influence. A detachment is felt from all power, all party positioning, even from partisanship itself. My opinion circle is tightly limited to my wife and a few friends.  I have not been especially keen on the Conservative chief O’Toole, nor have I been hostile. I have met him whom the CBC will not mention and, though I find him admirable, I do not agree with some of his positions. Mostly I think he is like an officer who would be too careless of the troops’ lives.
I have been pleasantly surprized at how well O’Toole is doing. While it may be that he is exerting a charm over the Canadian public, it is more likely that Canadians have decided simply to change the channel. I am quietly hopeful that this fatuous ass Justin Trudeau will be reproved, possibly defeated.
As to President Biden, I am not disappointed. I am not outraged at the retreat from Afghanistan – after all it was President Trump who negotiated a pull-out with the Taliban. What vexes me is the shameful incompetence of Biden and the US military leadership, who seem more interested in diversity than military effectiveness.
For a look into the chaos of defeat, see this article in New York Magazine, for example.
The reason I hope Trudeau loses, and Biden suffers disgrace, is that we have been lied to, lectured, and condescended to by virtue -signalling nincompoops. Unless these people are decisively repudiated at the ballot box, we may expect more such manure to be fed to us. When will the people at the top start to talk in terms of their own fallibility, error, and show a little contrition?