Why I read Fred Reed

Fred Reed is cranky and ex -US military. He is intelligent, and not deceived. Apart from occasionally rude and always accurate things he has to say about American blacks and the intelligence issue, his views are centrist. He has been advising against war with China for years. You can read more of him at the Unz review. But perhaps he found the Unz review too weird, and now writes privately. Try his subscription page here.


Speaking of wars, he writes:

“The reason for this curious behavior is that war is only tangentially a rational endeavor, being chiefly a limbic, instinctually driven habit probably of genetic provenance. War is just what men do, tribe against tribe, country against country, empire against empire, world without end. War is a major, perhaps the major, focus of human endeavor. A glance at history reveals it to be chiefly a tapestry of war. The literature of civilizations reflects this: The Gilgamesh Epic, the Iliad, the Aeneid, El Cid, Orlando Furioso, Lord of the Rings.”