Nuremberg Yesterday—Quebec Today

Cast your mind back to the Nuremberg of old—no, not the days of the mass rallies in the National Socialist Era, but to the 1700s. Here’s an extract from: “The Story of Nuremberg— by Cecil Headlam with Illustrations by Miss H M James and with Woodcuts”, published by J M Dent & Co., Covent Garden, London, 1899.

Now, leap forward to the Democratic People’s Republic of Quebec (DPRQ) and illustrious Great Helmsman, Francois Legault. Now, the unvaccinated will be confined in perspex boxes and await a similar escort around the store where the “escort” will ensure the “unvax”, the Jew in 2022 Quebec, will only purchase “approved” items such as pharmaceuticals. I do not know if the charge of 45 kreuzer will apply.


To my knowledge, this never even happened in the Third Reich.

I am not sure if the boxes have Impfung Macht Frei adorning the entrance but that clearly is the message.

There will be a Great Accounting for this assault on Freedom. It is coming.

Rebel Yell