The Political Class Trembles

[Picture from Your Roving Reporter with Freedom News]

For those of you old enough, you can remember that fateful day just prior to Christmas 1989, when Communist tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu was making a speech in downtown Bucharest to a crowd when shouting, booing, whistling, and heckling broke out. The old Conducator paused, frazzled, looked around confused, and suddenly, power slipped away like quicksilver, and was gone.

In a few days, the regime, previously one of the most solidly established in the communist world, collapsed like a house cards.

In Canada today, things look amazingly similar. Here, we have a political class, firmly entrenched in power, served by a servile media, worshipped by legions of toadies in “academia”, unused to any threat to its power. The political parties in Parliament are but mere shadows of any political force, merely different facets of the all-suffocating “consensus”—that which ye shall not question.

Hence, the shrieking about “insurrection, “terrorists”—this is the drivel of cowards. Trudeau, the fake PM, continues hiding out in some sewer, unable to face reality. The Ottawa police have been fingered by the regime to start being more aggressively authoritarian. As usual, the opposition parties in Parliament have stepped up to the plate with their usual utter uselessness.
In the meantime, we see the Fake News Media, the Globe & Fail and other simulation newspapers, and the CBC, that taxpayer-funded whore-house for the Liberal Party, collapsing in real time.

The real news is reported by Rebel News, citizen reporters with their cell phones, Go-Pros, and drones, uploading directly to the Internet. This reaches the whole world from America to Russia, from England to Australia—and there is nothing that the political class can do about it. As I write, similar protests against this tyranny, these fraudulent “public health” lies, are becoming a world-wide phenomenon.

I have attended the Ottawa rally over several days and can note for you, dear readers, that almost everything you hear on the Fake News Media in Canada is lies. Internet media like Breitbart News give excellent coverage and, shock and horror, the Daily Mail (UK) tells it like it really is!

There is better reporting in the media in the US, Russia, India and just about anywhere else compared to the obfuscation and piffle in our media.

As this Canadian veteran says: “I didn’t serve to be bullied by a PM who ran away like a chicken!”

That says it all, really.

Hold the Line, folks!

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