Trudeau the Contemptible

From Alexander the Great, Ethelred the Unready, and Ivan the Terrible, we now have Trudeau the Contemptible.

This intellectual zero, bum boy of Klaus Schwab, thrust into power by an unthinking electorate, is now morphing into Kim Jong Justin. Fully backed up by a subservient media, ignorant journalists, and the Communist Broadcasting Corporation (the taxpayer-funded whore house of the Liberal Party), the regime assault on the people of Canada is fully underway.

Here is a man (allegedly) who saw nothing wrong with vandals tearing down monuments to our founders and historical figures and found burning down Christian churches on Indian lands to be “fully understandable.”

The truckers have started a world-wide resistance movement against the arbitrary power of the elites, who hold the majority of us in contempt. The explosion of freedom has seriously rattled the political class, hence their panicked response. The lies of the last two years, the “narrative,” are unfolding before our eyes. When the state propaganda organs, namely, the CBC, start saying that “freedom” is a slogan of the far-right, you know they are desperate.

Not one politician in Parliament (Liberal, Conservative, NDP, BQ) walked down to the truckers on the Hill to actually talk to them. Only Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, who has always opposed the lockdown insanity, attended. All Trudeau had to offer was lies and insults–he is incapable of rational thought.

With the efforts of the new power-grab regime to steal the monies contributed to the Freedom Convoy, the federal government is now a gang of thieves and bandits. So, all the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people who contributed are now terrorists! Such are the actions of the unhinged.

Unwittingly, the government has handed the Freedom Convoy the moral victory. Incapable of rational response, unwilling to talk to ordinary Canadian working people, bloated with hubris, whatever the government now does to the truckers will be the actions of an overbearing bully, bereft of any moral principle.

Our Parliamentary parties have been examined and found wanting. The Liberal Party needs no introduction; it is the seat of presumption and arrogance of the Laurentian elite. The Conservative Party has been flapping around in the shallow waters of political opportunism for many years, searching for a reason to exist. The Bloc is merely interested in the fortunes of Quebec. And the NDP, that likes to think itself the champion of working Canadians, has shown itself to be nothing but a fungal growth on the rotting trunk of a decaying Liberal Party.

This sorry shower of sub-mediocrities poses as a parliament, this conspiracy of thieves as a government. What did we do to deserve this?

I attended the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa over many days, and never in this country have I seen and felt such a union of joy, friendship, and dedication to that which, deep down, all Canadians hold dear–to live free. The wall has been breached. The gaping hole in the credibility of the political class was achieved merely by ordinary folks standing up. For that, we should be always grateful to the truckers of this land.

The truckers came not with weapons, not with revolution, not with clubs or spears, but with truck horns. That will be the new sound of freedom, and if the government wants to confiscate that, the only reply must be: Μολον λαβε!

Whatever the future may bring, to be there was to be with that “happy band of brothers” as when King Henry addressed his troops. Whatever indignities the regime may inflict on the truckers, and us, “…gentlemen abed [in England] shall think themselves accursed they were not here.

Rebel Yell