A Regime of Thieves and Bandits

[The face of your new regime]

As Canada descends into dictatorship, the rest of the world should watch and take note. The structure of democracy with its laws, charters of rights and freedoms, and judiciaries, looks sound and impressive, but, in many cases, is built on feet of clay.

Edmund Burke remarked centuries ago, in his Reflections on the Revolution in France, when commenting on the actions of the National Assembly,

“…This unforced choice, this fond election of evil, would appear perfectly unaccountable, if we did not consider the composition of the National Assembly: I do not mean its formal constitution, which, as it now stands, is exceptionable enough, but the materials of which, in a great measure, it is composed, which is of ten thousand times greater consequence than all the formalities in the world.”

The “materials” in our Parliament, particularly the ruling “Liberal” Party, consist of a pottage of grasping and ignorant mediocrities, bent only on the preservation of their power at all costs. Now, as our freedoms disintegrate before our eyes, their true nature is displayed for all to see in all its ugliness.

The NDP, the party that once claimed to be the “conscience of Parliament”, and the champion of the working classes of Canada, has now said it will support the Trudeau regime. If there be a time to stand up for whatever principles they claimed to have, it would be now. If not, their reputation will be in tatters, their party an empty shell, their voice a chorus of humbug. Singh, the party’s leader, seems more intent to libel working people as racists and misogynists than to listen to their concerns. What a sorry excuse for a man. That humming sound you may hear is Tommy Douglas, spinning in his grave.

The Conservative Party seems to be awakening after many years in a political coma under the leadership of O’Toole, fortunately ousted recently for his insufferable weakness. Consequently, the party is virtually leaderless in a time crying out for anyone with a backbone.

Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party have been consistent in their support of the Freedom convoy and in opposing the emergency totalitarian measures. Former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Brian Peckford, has shown exemplary leadership and fortitude in “Take Back Our Freedoms” and taking the federal government to court.

The actions of the regime in stealing property and freezing bank accounts without any due process are actions worthy of the mafia. “Nice bank account you have; shame if anything happens to it”. Pure thuggery.

And the RCMP, once a police force held in high esteem around the world, has seen its reputation trampled in the snow, along with the woman crushed under the hooves of their horses. That reputation is now lost, never to return.

As for our parliamentary representatives, their weakness in the face of this appalling abuse of power by a deranged gang of bandits posing as a government, will be long remembered.

As for the Canadian media, they have covered themselves in shame. The CBC, the print media, and others, have shown their subservience to the regime. Only Rebel News has held high the flag of honest reporting; the rest are worthless.

Back in 1988, I attended a mass demonstration in Szabadsag Ter in Budapest, Hungary. The police there tried similar tactics. That demonstration heralded the beginning of the end of the communist regime; perhaps these events in Ottawa this weekend herald the end of the beginning of a communist regime in Canada.

Time, and ourselves, will tell.

There must be a reckoning with the tyrant.

Rebel Yell