Canada’s Slide into Dictatorship

How the regime deals with a peaceful protest.


Mike Campbell in Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises” was asked about his money troubles and responded with a vivid description embracing self-contradiction:

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

That’s the feeling right now in Canada regarding our tottering polity.

The recent Freedom Convoy that saw hundreds of trucks parked in and around Wellington Street in Ottawa, the sleepy frozen capital of our nation, has caused a political revolution. Its results are hidden but its effects are working on reshaping the nature of politics in this country. In the space of a few weeks, everyone in the world now knows that Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

During the weeks that the truckers were encamped peacefully outside Parliament, at no time did any representative of the government attempt to even meet with them and discuss their grievances. Trudeau used his position to lie about them and smear them in the most disgraceful way, calling them sexists, misogynists, transphobes etc. – all the usual swear words of the progressive left. Needless to say, all the accusations were utterly baseless and without foundation.

Trudeau and his regime of bandits then invoked the Emergencies Act, also on wholly baseless grounds. Professor Bruce Pardy explains in this link, that the “Emperor has no clothes”…

After freezing bank accounts of people that contributed to a perfectly legal cause, and before the Emergencies Act was approved by Parliament, the banks immediately raised the issue of a run on the banks—which started to happen!

Trudeau immediately rescinded the operation of the provisions of the Act. Another important reason was that he was going to lose a vote in the Senate, which would have instantly made the emergency provisions null and void. Also, the acts already undertaken would have been revealed as illegal. I’m not a lawyer but there would be (in fact are) major legal implications resulting from all this.

Now, we find that names of contributors, including police officers, have been doxed and the CBC; the propaganda toadies of the Trudeau regime are handing this information to police now for “investigation”. No doubt the witch hunt will continue there.

This is, of course, a means of terrorizing the general population. Anyone must now think that any contributor to a political cause, a perfectly legal cause, that is disapproved of by the regime, or may be subsequently disapproved of by the regime, may be subject to arbitrary demonization by losing their savings and job or livelihood! In a supposedly democratic society! All this without due process and with the full connivance of the state propaganda organs like the CBC.

Viva Frei, one of the citizen journalists active during the stay of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, will keep you current with developments.

The legacy media were utterly unreliable and the CBC, which receives over $1 billion of your hard-earned money, was the most egregious. It is now a national disgrace.

The current regime is executing a power grab as fast and as far as it can go before it is stopped. The trashing of fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians is now the modus operandi of this regime.

It seems our opposition parties, with the exception of the People’s Party of Canada, are weak, ineffectual and spineless. Ordinary working Canadians have no-one in Parliament who represents their interests. This has been shown by the courageous and principled acts of the truckers. They have shown a fundamental level of patriotism, fortitude, and decency that Trudeau and his cronies cannot even dream of.

Let’s see if the rest of the country has even half the character of the Freedom Convoy.

Rebel Yell