Media memes

Media tries to convince us how they are all fiercely independent and strikingly original thinkers. Even a superficial read of the daily news will convince you otherwise. As an example, see BBC and CBC play tag below.

After decades, the media has suddenly found that there “systemic racism” all over the place. Now that the whitey-is-a-racist theme is starting to run out of steam the field has been expanded.

BBC, April 28, 2022 : Why the West is reckoning with caste bias now

CBC, May 16, 2022: How prejudice rooted in an ancient social system has migrated from India to Canada

Then there are the obligatory reports on precocious black females.

BBC, May 15, 2022:  Her father went to prison – so she went to law school

CBC, May 12, 2022: She’s 19 and just finished law school. Now she wants to fix the U.S. education system

Hey Hayley, congratulations on graduating at 19 which based on “research done by her family, she is also the youngest Black student to graduate from any law school in the United States”. How about starting with a modest goal; forget the national level and also forget the state level for now. Go to Chicago or Detroit, reform the school system there and then report back to CBC when you are done or retired. Whichever comes first.