Duggan’s Dew of Kirkintilloch

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Duggan’s Dew. He died without warning in his sleep sometime on the night of Saturday October 2- Sunday October 3. He was 71 years old. He was a man of many talents, a writer by trade, and a sterling chap. English Canadian at his best. Thought the world was going to hell with the elites pulling the wagon of society to the cliff’s edge.

In that he was attuned with the rest of us at Barrelstrength.

We can only hope that upon his passing he was able to correct his atheism by the sudden influx of new information. I suspect that many more people of a materialist persuasion, like Duggan’s Dew, are in for a big surprise.

RIP brother.


Jeanne Lamon RIP



Jeanne Lamon has died of cancer early at the age of 71. She was for many years the head of the Toronto baroque ensemble Tafelmusik. Do her the appropriate honours and buy a box of Tafelmusik CDs.

Here is the obituary.


Listen to Tafelmusik rip through Zelenka’s Missa Dei Filii under the baton of Frieder Bernius and an all star cast of singers: Nancy Argenta, Christoph Pregardien, Michael Chance and Gordon Jones. As always, Lamon was the concertmaster, namely, lead violin. Ars longa, vita brevis