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This is what genocide looks and sounds like

The Trudeau government has accepted the account of the Inquiry into missing and murdered Indian girls that Canada has been committing “genocide”. This is consistent with the use of the term “attempted cultural genocide” by the former Supreme Court justice Beverly MacLachlan in 2015. “Genocide” the deliberate killing of a people, all of them, man women and children. This loose and damaging language, coming from our national leadership, is a betrayal of the people of Canada.

One could criticize numerous decisions of the Inquiry. Not inquiring might be the first sin of commission. Something like 1200 indigenous girls have been murdered, in the main, by their own people, by their domestic partners, neighbours, and fellow Indians. Let not facts stand in the way of the racial abuse of white people.

I thought immediately of the first genocide of modern times, which started in April 1915, when the Ottoman Turks began to deport and massacre their Armenian Christians. In the battles of World War I, the Armenians were accused of siding with the Russians, who were beating the Ottomans in their own territory. As the Armenians were dispersed throughout the Ottoman Empire, were educated and Christian, they were easily targeted. About a million and half were killed.

The facts are related in this history of World War I at minute 4:26.

Laws were passed to depopulate the Armenian territories. Two million Armenians were in the Ottoman Empire. By the end of 1923 only a half million Armenians were left.

The background to the Armenian Genocide is discussed here.

This is what a genocide is. You kill lots of people, at a time, by active measures of the dominant people and the state. Men, women and children. You execute thousands. Not young girls who are hitch-hiking, and whoring themselves for food. That is a different kind of tragedy.

Then there was Rwanda. That was the total rising of one ethnic group against another and the killing of everyone of the wrong ethnic group by everyone of the right ethnic group. 800,000 Tutsis were killed in a few weeks by their Hutu neighbours. The Germans had to haul their Jewish victims to the remoteness of Poland and kill them out of sight, and took years to do it. In Rwanda the Hutus just picked up their machetes and killed their Tutsi neighbours en masse in three months.