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Trump is the anti-Christ, says Warren Kinsella

When you cannot distinguish a tough, vulgar, self-promoting New York liberal property developer from the Anti-Christ, I would say you have poor judgment. When the Wahabist menace to civilization escapes serious scrutiny, but slight departures from political correctness, and a reorientation of American foreign policy, elicit volcanic upheavals of hatred, fear and derision, I would say that some have reached terminal fatuity. Warren Kinsella is not alone in this; he is merely a convenient representative of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It appears to me that many otherwise sensible people have lost their minds; and I exclude Warren Kinsella from the category of “otherwise sensible people”.

Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

Discrimination is the basis of life


The need to feel oneself morally superior is the basic flaw undermining life in the liberal democracies today. As Satan (dressed as Al Pacino) says: “Vanity: my favourite sin.”

Discrimination is carried on by every cell of your body  billions of  times a second, or trillions. That is what keeps you alive. This is what keeps societies alive. I favour the restoration of (appropriate sorts of) discrimination to its proper place: the basis of morality. No right judgment can take place without the capacity to discriminate.

It has come to this – 2


I am struck by how normal this is becoming.

I am appalled by the attitudes of tolerance that have given rise to this.

I am amazed – bewildered – by the fact that our governing elites seem unable to allow us to say what is plainly obvious, that there is a relationship between what Mohammed preached and what some followers of Mohammed do in the name of his religion.

Islamic terrorism is not some kind of statistical accident, but a consequence of the religion’s doctrines, like Lenin out of Karl Marx.

It is not a ‘phobia’ to fear Islamic immigration and influence, it is a rational conclusion.

Why is this even disputed?

My Early Life – Winston Churchill

My Early Life was Winston Churchill’s first best seller, and deservedly so. Written in 1930 about events from his birth in 1874 to 1902, it recounts his not-so-successful school days, his time at Sandhurst, and campaigning on the North-West Frontier against the Pashtuns and in the Sudan against the Islamic forces of the Mahdi. It also covers his capture by the Boers in the war of the same name and his escape from captivity.

He recounts how the thirst for knowledge grew in him from the age of 22 onward. Stationed in India with the his regiment, the 4th Hussars, he spent his time from noon to 5pm, the siesta hours, reading Gibbon, Macaulay, and other great historians, as well as Darwin, Plato, Schopenhauer, Aristotle, and authors now lost to time.

His observations on religion versus science, the fighting qualities of the Pashtuns, the futility of trying to educate young boys in schools, and the pageantry of life in the cavalry,  are bathed in wit and good humour, and not a little tongue in cheek.

Having discussed the beauty of cavalry manoeuvres, in assembled masses of plumed and be-ribboned regiments, he writes:

“It is a shame that War should have flung all this aside in its greedy, base, opportunist march, and should turn instead to chemists in spectacles, and chauffeurs pulling the levers of aeroplanes or machine guns. …War which used to be cruel and magnificent, has now become cruel and squalid. In fact it has been completely spoilt. It is all the fault of Democracy and Science. From the moment that either of these meddlers and muddlers was allowed to take part in actual fighting, the doom of War was sealed. Instead of a small number of well-trained professionals championing their country’s cause with ancient weapons and a beautiful intricacy of archaic manoeuvre, sustained at every moment by the applause of their nation, we now have entire populations, including even women and children, pitted against one another in brutish mutual extermination, and only a set of blear-eyed clerks left to add up the butcher’s bill. From the moment democracy was admitted to, or rather forced itself upon the battlefield, War ceased to be a gentleman’s game”.

“I wonder often whether any generation has seen such astounding revolutions of data and values as those through which we have lived. Scarcely anything materialor established which I was brought up to believe was permanent and vital, has lasted. Everything I was sure or taught to be sure was impossible, has happened”.

I know the feeling, brother Churchill.

More about the book at Wikipedia.

Do yourself a favour and read it. It is short, witty, suitably self-mocking, and a window on a world gone forever by a man who knew it had.

It has come to this


“Stop Islam”. No equivocation, no pussy-footing, no mincing words. “Stop Islam”. This in the country which produced Baruch Spinoza, gave rise to Amsterdam, and welcomed religious refugees from all over Europe even at the height of 17th century religious warfare.

The Daily Mail reports that the Turkish foreign minister has said that “Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’ views were shared by all rival parties and were pushing Europe towards ‘wars of religion’.”

In short, all you Dutch white people are the same, social democrats, liberals, greenies, nationalists.
The outrage of the Left at Wilders (rightwing! extremist!) is well captured by Steve Sailer’s commentary in TakiMag this week.

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) has noticed just how extremist today’s respectable conventional wisdom has become. So King has been exercising a Trump-like knack for trolling the Establishment with blunt truths that enrage goodthinkers into revealing just how much their worldview is founded upon hatred of average Americans.

Over the weekend, King tweeted:

[Geert] Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

Every time I try to think of myself as a moderate, along comes the frantic, hysterical reaction to obvious truths such Steve King just issued. I find myself asking, as I have occasion to do nearly every day, why is there is such anti-white animus from white people? I understand it coming from professional race grievors, even if it is the product of excessive tolerance by whites for subsidized attacks on ‘white’ civilization. But why is our civilization- yours and mine – so bent on self destruction?

Why is the statement, that “you cannot restore our civilization with someone else’s babies?” so electrifyingly horrid to the immense crowd of anti-white whites? I think these are the reasons.

First, because it is irrefutably true. Second, because it refers to the consequences of abortion, reduced fertility, and demographic collapse that feminism – for want of a better word – has engendered, but will not own up to. Third because it asserts that there might actually be such as thing as “our” civilization, which might have a racial or ethnic basis.

Touching three electrified rails at the same time!

I keep seeing this Thing, and I do not know what it is in essence, but in its effects, it is

  • anti-white
  • anti-male
  • anti-Christian

Yet I suspect that if this civilization had been founded by the female, the racially Mongol, and the Buddhist religion, then the Thing of which I speak would be equally anti-female, anti-racially Mongol, and anti-Buddhist. For myself it seems to be an inchoate rage of people who were never spanked, loved, restrained, and held to any standard of manners and comportment..

Fighting the ctrl-left in Canada

From Rebel Media.

Last night, approximately 750 Canadians from all walks of life came to the Rebel’s Freedom Rally to protest M103, the Liberal motion to oppose “Islamophobia” — that is, the criticism of Islam.

Speakers included Faith Goldy, Pierre Lemieux, Chris Alexander, Kellie Leitch, Brad Trost, Charles McVety, and Rebel Commander Ezra Levant.

Some of those at the event had been born in the Middle East and were distressed to see de facto blasphemy laws on the verge of coming to their adopted country.

Wrong White privilege pin colour!

This month the students at Elizabethtown College in US “are wearing white pins in the shape of puzzle pieces to remind them of their white privilege.”

The campaign was launched over the weekend by the Elizabethtown College Democrats, who say it aims to make students at the small and private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania more introspective about issues of race, especially in their predominantly white region of Lancaster County.

“Discussions about race are often perceived as being only open to people of color, but I think it is just as important for white people to partake in conversations about race,” Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, told The College Fix via email.

Obviously these students have right to pay $56,200 in tuition and fees to make a fool of themselves but at the very least they should get the colour of the pin consistent with history. The appropriate colour for the pin should be blue for the following reason.

The Pact of Umar, an apocryphal treaty between the Muslims and the Christians, that later gained a canonical status in Islamic jurisprudence states the following.

Obligation to identify non-Muslims as such by clipping the heads’ forelocks and by always dressing in the same manner, wherever they go, with binding the zunar (a kind of belt) around the waists. Christians to wear blue belts or turbans, Jews to wear yellow belts or turbans, Zoroastrians to wear black belts or turbans, and Samaritans to wear red belts or turbans.

Given that most of the White students are Christians, the appropriate colour for the pin should be blue. Using white as the pin colour leaves them aligned with the Ku Klux Klan. Is that really the message these students want to send? Even the Nazis got it right historically, when they specified yellow as the colour for the star that Jews had to wear as a badge.

Of course this left the Taliban in Afghanistan in a quandary, when they specified, during their  rule from 1996 to late 2001, that the Hindus had to wear badges in public to identify themselves. With no precedence for Hindus in the Islamic jurisprudence, they selected yellow as the colour of choice for these badges, thus staying within the confines of the Pact of Umar.

EU, light at the end of the tunnel?

 Jan 7, 2017, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel:

Germany’s insistence on austerity in the euro zone has left Europe more divided than ever and a break-up of the European Union is no longer inconceivable, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Der Spiegel magazine. (emphasis added)

Gabriel, whose Social Democrats (SPD) are junior partner to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives in her ruling grand coalition, said strenuous efforts by countries like France and Italy to reduce their fiscal deficits came with political risks.

“I once asked the chancellor, what would be more costly for Germany: for France to be allowed to have half a percentage point more deficit, or for Marine Le Pen to become president?” he said, referring to the leader of the far-right National Front.

“Until today, she still owes me an answer,” added Gabriel…..

Is that because Merkel has suddenly realized that there are greater threats elsewhere?

Dec 31, 2016:, German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said in her New Year message.

What would Iran be like if it were Christian?



I asked myself this question as I strolled the shopping mall in downtown Yerevan today. The answer is: Armenia.

What would be different if Iran were Christian?

  • chicks would be normal. A few skirts, a few jeans, a little cleavage showing on the younger ones, they might look you in the face, however briefly, and they would walk without male escorts.
  • there would be no religious police, and an atmosphere of general toleration of thought
  • there would no requirements for uniformity of religion or excesive modesty of dress; there would even be a few Muslims around, wearing head scarves and jeans
  • higher education would be thought normal for men and women
  • there would be alcoholic drinks and bars in which to drink them
  • hamburgers and pizza would be slightly exotic but also normal
  • There would be opera and theatre, and statues of statesmen and artists in public places.

What would be the same if Iran were Christian?

  • the climate would still be high and dry
  • fruit trees, many of types unknown to northern climes, would be cultivated plentifully
  • There would be wide boulevards, lined with plane trees whose trunks were painted white, and honking cars, driven by impatient drivers
  • The idea of  remaining in your driving lane would be a somewhat elastic concept
  • Men friends would still greet each other with a handshake and one or two kisses on the cheek
  • Commerce would continue unabated.

Anyone who thinks Christianity makes no difference to a culture, and to civilization, needs to go from Armenia to any of its Muslim neighbours, and see and feel and taste the differences.


Armenia has created a huge museum to hold manuscripts and prints they hold essential to their heritage: firmans (decrees) of Persian shahs establishing the tax-exempt status of church lands, gospels, breviaries, commentaries, most of which were saved from deliberate destruction by the Turks in 1915. Three alphabets have been in use: Arabic (for Turkish and Persian), Armenian, and Cyrillic.

This is a people that has suffered for their religion. Their friendliness towards Russia , the only Orthodox power with the ability to harm the Turks or Persians, is only natural.



Another country you don’t have to worry about


The statue of Sofia, goddess of wisdom, graces a pylon from which Vladimir Lenin lately perched in the governmental core of the city named after her. She is as hot as she seems, the wreath of glory in her right hand, the crown of power on her brow, and the owl of wisdom on her left arm.

She may not be as amusing as the statue of Darth Vader that replaced a statue of Lenin in Odessa, but she is the most sexually attractive 12 meter tall statue in the world. She looks down on the Bulgarian national assembly. One of the reasons you never hear about Bulgaria is that it is tranquil, and tranquil because well run. Consider the party composition of its national Assembly: a small group of leftists, a large block of centre-rightists,  and three or four brands of populists, xenophobes, and Slavic irredentists.


Only the red circles represent leftist parties, and I gather they are not especially left-wing. Everyone from the purple through dark blue is more conservative, until we reach the yellow, green and grey parties, who or more nationalist and may or may not be loons – I surmise wildly.

The currency is pegged at just about half a Euro, it is a member of NATO, the European Common Market, and its GDP/capita is about $10,000 Canadian.

Its basic political impetus is resistance to the Ottoman Empire. This is the dedication at the Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral in the core of the city.

Alexandr Nevsky Patriarchal Cathedral is a Memorial Church built with the efforts of the whole Bulgarian people in memory of the thousands of Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Finnish and Romanian soldiers who, from 1877 to 1878, laid their lives for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.

Four hundred years of Ottoman massacres, oppression (look up “devshirme”), and Islam have left their scars. The remaining ten percent of the population who are Islamic are not a problem.

Yes the place has problems: declining population, some corruption, and a wave of emigration before the economy rebounded from communism in the aughts of this century. Yet, despite this, the place is  visibly transforming into a modern society,even as its one leva coin depicts an Orthodox saint.