The anti-human agenda is manifested

I said it yesterday and Neil Oliver says it today: the Greenies (if that is the right label for this blob) are pursuing an anti-human agenda. Farming is the next big target, reduction of food supply by deliberate destructive policy is the means. Time was when you had to extrapolate a little from intention to policy; now the policy is becoming increasingly obvious. Your breathing is problem, your food choices are a problem. you are the problem, and your elimination is the solution. Scratch an ecologue, and you find an exterminationist close to the surface.

“Normal is not allowed” – Neil Oliver


We knew that

Study finds-

People who eat meat experience lower levels of depression and anxiety compared to vegans

Last night I dined on a rack of lamb chops and some excellent Californian cabernet sauvignon.  A million years of evolution cannot and should not be denied. I like being at the top of the food chain. Why would I ever want to be down the evolutionary scale? People who eat meat have less anxiety than vegans. Of course they do.