Down the Memory Hole

As soon as Winston had dealt with each of the messages, he clipped his speakwritten corrections to the appropriate copy of ‘The Times’ and pushed them into the pneumatic tube. Then, with a movement which was as nearly as possible unconscious, he crumpled up the original message and any notes that he himself had made, and dropped them into the memory hole to be devoured by the flames….

…Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct, nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record.

As Orwell wrote in his monumental work, 1984, this is the goal to which all governments move until they reach full totalitarianism. Re-writing the past is a continuous task for the Ministry of Truth and their legions of slaves—the eternally suppressed Outer Party members.

Sound familiar? Of course, it’s going on now in our supposedly free and democratic societies.

Today, the Press, the media, the chattering classes, call that execrable mob what you will, blatantly re-write reality whenever they feel like it. The New York Slimes is a world leader in mendacity in journalism, CNN a world leader in lying about Trump.

Orwell campaigned ceaselessly for honesty in reporting and writing, especially when it annoyed the Establishment. In his A Review of Mein Kampf, published in England in 1940 when England was at war with Germany, he discusses the very real and powerful appeal of Hitler’s ideas and personality at a time when England was facing possible defeat by the Third Reich. A while ago, our illustrious blog “BarrelStrength” carried a discussion of Orwell’s review by yours truly.

Well, lo and behold, I stumbled on an extremely interesting video on YouTube [see here]. Searching the Web, you can find many links to Orwell’s review.  Most show Orwell’s review containing the following quote….

But Hitler could not have succeeded against his many rivals if it had not been for the attraction of his own personality, which one can feel even in the clumsy writing of Mein Kampf, and which is no doubt overwhelming when one hears his speeches …. The fact is that there is something deeply appealing about him.

Note the ellipsis. It denotes something missing. All the links to this essay show the same thing…EXCEPT for the original copy stored by Project Gutenburg [here]. Note what has been erased…


You see, Orwell did not fabricate fictitious feelings and emotions about the personality of Hitler. In our diseased times, everyone remotely active in the political sphere has to shriek their personal hatred at the top of their lungs, lest they be accused of fascist sympathies. Indeed, who would dare not to?

Hitler plays the role of Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984, the quasi-mystical figure whom everyone must hate, who never seems to be defeated, who lives eternally as a permanent threat to the rule of the Party.

Apparently, Orwell’s lack of the required hatred was enough to have some of his essay consigned to the memory hole.

Rebel Yell

Michael Malice

Malice has an interesting background, a podcast, and some interesting friends. One is Thaddeus Russell, historian and author. Speaking together recently, the pair alerted me to the writings of Grant Madison, whose racial theories apparently helped shape US immigration policy. Example? Well, in one work Madison shows how the Irish worked their way up from quite lowly status to Nordic. In his taxonomy, apparently, Nordic is the “white man par excellence.” So I’m smiling already.

Russell is amusing when he speaks of the Scots-Irish who worked through the middle colonies: “motherfucking savages”, rowdy, violent renegades who drank, fought, and defied government intrusion in their anarcho-capitalist communes with violence.

Belarus Stands Apart

These days, when the Fake News Media drones on endlessly about some foreign leader being “the Last Dictator” or something, you know there is a hidden motive. Take Belarus, for instance.

Belarus, formerly White Russia in the Soviet Union, is led by Aleksandr Lukashenko and has been since its independence. No doubt he is less susceptible to “democratic” persuasion than he should be, but he seems to be more in tune with reality than some in the West.

In the never ending saga of Covid-19, Belarus seems to have adopted the same policies as did Sweden, namely, not locking up its citizens and destroying its economy, but attempting to live and behave reasonably.

Apparently, Belarus was offered nearly $1 billion by the World Bank at the beginning of the corona-mania, but only on condition that it adopt the lockdown policies of Italy and Spain and other countries.

According to Belta (the Belarusian news agency),

According to the president, the World Bank has showed interest in Belarus’ coronavirus response practices. “It is ready to fund us ten times more than it offered initially as a token of commendation for our efficient fight against this virus. The World Bank has even asked the Healthcare Ministry to share the experience. Meanwhile, the IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew. This is nonsense. We will not dance to anyone’s tune,” said the president.

And what of Belarus’ record in coronadoom? According to the Johns Hopkins website, Belarus (population 9.5 million) has recorded 553 deaths from Covid-19 as of July 30th. With no lockdown. With no economy shutdown.

Compare that with Italy, say, with a population about 60 million and over 35 000 deaths and a crippling lockdown, which has a per capita rate ten times higher than Belarus.

No wonder the globalist money bags hate Lukashenko; he won’t knuckle under to their extortion racket.

Rebel Yell

A Journal of the Plague Year (64)

Some updates from Old Blighty on the state of coronadoom…


From the Daily Mail (UK) 

As my legions of adoring fans will note, this is a much-delayed missive on the state of our collective insanity. This will be the last specific plague-year number. Why?

….Because this epidemic is OVER. All that remains is the paranoia and political hysteria that is paralyzing entire countries. Politicians will be loath to give up their “emergency powers”—they enjoy them too much. Of course, there are large swathes of the population that relish wallowing in disaster porn, but most of us are sick of it. Our societies have dealt with much worse diseases and not shrivelled up into whining cry-babies. Here are a couple of snap shots from Britain, where again the paranoia is being stirred up for “second waves’, “third waves” and “n-th waves” just so governments can boss everyone around in their private lives.

Oh, and never mind the millions who have lost their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods—they are just the collateral damage when you are “saving lives”. On that topic, ask the residents of long-term care homes in Governor Cuomo’s Death State, New York, how they feel about that. Or, for that matter, in Canada.


As Guido Fawkes (UK Blogger) notes…

New polling from Kekst CNC has revealed that on average the British public believe a whopping 7% of the UK population has died from Coronavirus, a number 100 times higher than the recorded-death reality. Brits also believe that 22% of the country has had coronavirus, when the real surveyed number is four times less – between 5 and 6%. Brits are also the most fearful of a second wave of infections of any country polled, with more than three-quarters (76%) expecting one in the next year or so…



Rebel Yell

Scott Adams – insights of the day

Two thoughts today from Scott Adams:


  1. The energy has suddenly disappeared from the energy/climate change discussion. Both Biden and Trump favour more nuclear energy.

The real crisis (COVID) has displaced the climate pseudo-crisis.  The pseudo-crisis has moved from climate to “whiteness” and racism.

2. The education system is undergoing a complete rethink.

Nicholas Taleb thinks that COVID is stressing all the institutions of society, which seems to be reasonable. The weakest are being selectively culled. Among the most vulnerable are the universities. Taleb thinks they are things of the past. Their fees and costs have bloated, in part because the US federal government guarantees student debt. So who cares what the fees are if the government guarantees payment?


The Rot at Cambridge University

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 19: Members of the public punt along the river Cam in front of the colleges of Cambridge University on April 19, 2011 in Cambridge, England. The UK is currently basking in fine weather with the Met Office predicting temperatures up to 25C this week. The fine weather comes as many people are taking advantage of the combination of a late Easter and additional Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding to take extended breaks and holidays. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A very necessary and rigorous take-down of the appalling leadership of the once-great Cambridge University by Douglas Murray [here] is necessary reading for all.


It relates the story of an ignorant mediocrity proclaiming ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’ and her subsequent promotion by the University commissars.  But even better is the commentary by a Mark Corby (thank you, sir) which I reproduce below:


Well done indeed Mr Murray, a splendid piece. Using almost surgical precision, you have skewered that pretentious Gopal to the wall, like a malignant butterfly.
Even allowing for an infinitesimal amount of Oxford bias, you have clearly exposed the University of Cambridge for the pestilential cesspool of academic achievement it has been since time immemorial. One only has to think of the wretched traitors spawned there in the 1930’s, Blunt, Cairncross, Philby & Co.
Nurtured and suckled by the heady atmosphere of sodomy, treachery and deceit, so prevalent at the time, particularly in the infamous Apostles ‘Society‘, no single institution has done so much damage to England.
Gopal, an over promoted, entitled cretin, seething with rage, and continually spewing vitriol like some demented Gorgon, is but the latest in the horrors that Cambridge has visited on this once “ green and pleasant land”.


‘Nuf said.


Rebel Yell



Covid-19 – just the stats

By the numbers.

According to Public Health Agency of Canada data, there had been 7,773 Covid-19 deaths in Canada as of June 7. Federal Chief Medical Officer Theresa Tam has confirmed that 81 percent of them were linked to long-term care facilities. Of the remaining 1,482 deaths, most were people over the age of 70. Only 229 of the total deaths were aged under 60 and almost all of those had pre-existing health conditions. There have been zero deaths of children under age 16 in Canada