Covid—Now a Mass Psychosis


The Academy of Ideas[here] continues to produce excellent videos on the important topics in our collapsing civilization…

This is why the totalitarians who now rule are the merchants of fear.


As Muad’Dib, I tell you:


“Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”


Reclaim your humanity by rejecting the oppressive fear of covid and our totalitarian rulers…Time is on our side.

Rebel Yell

The bimetrical society

This brochure from Husqvarna was in the mailbox today. Nothing unusual, you say?

Check this out:

In chainsaws,

engine displacements: cubic centimeters, in metric

power: horsepower, an English measure

weight: pounds, an English measure

In lawn mowers (not shown here), radius of the cut was shown in inches, engine displacement was in cubic centimeters, and power output in horsepower.

It was the same mish-mash all the way through. Forty years after official metrication, no one uses metric for certain essential measures.  Metrication happened one or two generations ago. It is not as if people had not gone to school in metric. Speculation is welcomed.

From a year ago

The recent gentle pushback against the more egregious of Premier Ford’s recent missteps prompted a revisit to these thoughts.

“How well will the people manage compliance? At a certain point, even sheep recall they have teeth. I recall a steamy Toronto night in the 80’s, on the sidewalk outside the El Mocambo night club after it closed. A few dozen people milling around, smoking joints, making coke deals and deciding which booze can to move on to. A black-and-white pulled up and a police officer got out to ticket a car. A loud and angry voice said, “Get away from that car!” Other people started to shout. I was impressed with how quickly the mob formed, and how thrilling it was to be part of it. A special kind of adrenaline, I suppose, with all the fun and none of the fear. The cop turned around, got in the car and drove away, to a chorus of jeers and curses. Will parents cut the locks on city park gates and tell the state to fuck off? I can only hope.”

Checkpoint Charlebois

“Checkpoints from Quebec? The dream of my adult life has just come true! Where do I volunteer? ‘Out of the car, Mr Frenchman! What is your business in my province? Schnell!’ I live 300 yards from the French frontier, near a bridge, and they have to set up checkpoints nearby. I will be there, cheering on the Stormtroopers of the Doug Ford Reich.”

You are not even allowed to observe: “benign racism”

North American racial totalitarianism is reaching new levels of absurdity. According to this “news” item in the CBC Ottawa site, three policemen are under investigation about a private conversation they had two years ago. Here is the CBC story.

“The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is conducting an investigation after a video circulating online this week shows uniformed members of its force having a racist conversation.

“The video is a partial recording from a security camera at a person’s home and was originally posted on social media by a friend of the person involved.

“On Thursday, that person confirmed the video was recorded in his garage in the summer of 2019. He said the officers were there to serve a warrant after he had been pulled over for driving without a licence a few days earlier. He asked CBC not to identify him because he fears for his safety and that of his family.

“The video shows three police officers standing in a garage, seemingly unaware that their conversation was being recorded.

“One officer said, “Our days are done. White man’s day is done.”

“Another officer replies, “you’re probably right.”

“A third said, “you’re onto something.”

“The population of North America, we’re the minority I think even at this point,” one officer goes on to say.

“You go to Toronto and every couple you see walking by is a mixed couple. You don’t see white and white people together. It’s white [and] Asian, white [and] East Indian,” he said.

“I told my son he can find a Chinese, Asian girlfriend,” he continued. “If he wants to stay in the mix, get your foot in the door.”

The reaction of the ottawa Police Service was:

Regardless of the intent, the comments expressed in the video have negatively impacted community members and service members. The comments are offensive and they have further eroded public trust as well as internal morale.” 

The police statement goes on to say “such statements are not consistent with the values of the Ottawa Police Service and they have no place in the policing profession.”

In order to turn this banal if somewhat gloomy exchange into a “news” story, the obligatory authority figure is called in to  describe this as “racist”.

“Reacting to the video, Xiaobei Chen, a sociology professor at Carleton University, said: “I think these are very troubling racist ideas that we are seeing behind the conversation.”

“The conversation in the video, Chen said, is a prime example of the “enduring notion of white ownership of this nation,” despite North America first belonging to Indigenous people and being “built on the back of free labour, of Blacks under cruel conditions, under slavery and also exploitation of Chinese labour.”

What’s especially problematic about this [conversation] is it’s benign. What it tells us is that these conversations are probably happening a lot of times, but we just don’t see it,” Chen said.

“Chen said she hopes OPS uses this video as a stepping stone to address white “nationalistic notions and racism and colonialism within the police force.”

What’s especially problematic about this conversation is it’s benign, says the Chinese Canadian sociologist. So according to the CBC it is a racist conversation, and according to the Chinese sociologist it is benign – and that’s what makes it “especially problematic”.

Thus it is possible to be racist, colonial and benign in almost the same breath. You are not even allowed to observe the fact that white people, as such, are being shoved out of power and told their feelings of belonging to the former Canada are both racist and colonialist.

Many thoughts come to mind.

The first is a photo taken [not shown here], I think in 1916 at the rebuilding of the Canadian Parliament after the fire that year, but it could have been taken in 1872 after the orginal building was completed. It is about four feet wide, and shows the entire work crew, numbering over a thousand men, with the architetcts and foremen seated in the centre, in Victorian hierarchy. They are lined up in many rows between the two central towers of Centre Block. What strikes you immediately when you see it is that not a single person among them is black or Chinese. Some faces look French Canadian or a tiny few may be Amerindian, but the overwhelming majority of workers are white  people of British origin. No women. No other ethnic or racial minorities. This was a white Dominion. The photo is found downstairs at Irene’s Pub, 885 Bank Street, just outside the washroom. To see this photo is to see how much change has happened in a hundred years to this country. [Google Images does not have it, because I suspect it shows too many white people gathered together for a historic triumph].

Original Canadian Parliament Building, Centre Block before the 1916 Fire


The second thought that comes to mind is that racial or national consciousness of any kind, even benign, is now considered “problematic”. As John Derbyshire has observed, you are not allowed even to observe.

While it is obvious that race and racism -but not actual racial differences – are obsessions of the political Left, it is also clear that the term racsim, rather than connoting a grievous moral fault, has morphed into racial consciousness or awareness of any kind. It is useful to our thought controllers to conflate racism with simple awareness of race. We must be exquisitely conscious of race, but not conscious of what race might actually mean.

The state of doublethink has arrived: we are simultaneously to be hyper-aware of race, but white people are not allowed to converse about it among themselves on any terms, even benign.



Drones: A revolution in Military Affairs

Drones: all previous ideas of fighting war, including the use of armoured vehicles, missile and artillery batteries, air forces, have been shown to be wholly vulnerable to drone attack. Machines are killing people. The low exposure of the users of drones to harm, and the vulnerability of those who are not covered by drones, has been shown by the clear and overwehelming victory of the Azerbaijanis over the Armenians recently.

It is a revolution as important as the gunpowder revolution of the 1400s.

The video is of an Indian scholar journalist explaining the scale and nature of Azerbaijan’s victory. Armenians were ready to fight a war of 2000: modern radars, well-equipped armoured vehicles, gun batteries, well trained troops. They had their heads handed to them, or whatever was left of their bodies by the time the Azeri drones had blown them up.

Turkey and Israel made the drones, Canada made the software for the Turkish drones. Azerbaijan, which had lost to Armenia some years ago, was thirsting for vengeance and got it. Hear alll about it. Tanks look increasingly like expensive and wholly vulnerable targets.


The Nothingness of Canada’s Conservative Party

…Or Propaganda 102…

My avid fans may remember my short missive Propaganda 101 from a few days ago. In that, I tried to show how incompetent was the Tory propaganda machine in dealing with the Sloan Affair. Actually, they made it an affair, whereas it should have been a minor annoyance.

Recall that, recently, an Ontario Christian pastor was arrested [here] and sent to jail for holding church services. On being warned by the police charged with enforcing the tyrannical “lockdown” fantasies of the Liberal government, he refused to renege on his responsibilities to his flock by signing onto some submission, but chose to remain in jail pending trial.

The pretense that lockdowns have led to any improvement in the “fight against covid” has been shown to be a fallacy. Examination of data from around the world will clearly show that lockdowns have no effect on the spread or containment of covid. The entire response of the federal government is based purely on panic and a rejection of established scientific responses to a pandemic.

Many thousands of scientists and medical experts signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration which declares that the response to the pandemic should have been based upon protecting the vulnerable, caring for the sick, and allowing civilized society to continue.

There is certainly no agreement in the scientific world as to the viability of lockdowns. There is clearly in the political world a great deal of room for open discussion, and it seems that the Conservative Party no longer believes in free and open discussion, even when vital national interests are at stake.

Now, Erin O’Toole has revoked the Conservative Party membership of Pastor Hildebrandt and his son for taking this principled stand.
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