The best defence is to be very, very far away

Some events are so gigantic they would stupefy us if we could comprehend them, like death, interstellar distances, or the inter-relatedness of mind and matter as revealed by quantum physics. Fortunately this blast occurred 3.7 billion years ago. It took 3.7 billion years to reach us. The earth is, more or less, 4.54 billion years old, according to current ideas of cosmology. Dinosaurs died out about 62 million years ago, or .062 billion years ago.

cosmic energy event

Do you recall that Beyond the Fringe skit where some official of the British Ministry of Defence said that the best defence against a nuclear blast was to be “vewy, vewy, faw away”. If too close, you were to wrap yourself in paper bags to keep off the fallout. Alternatively you can find a deep lead mine.

Speaking of imminent dangers, the brightest star (actually double star) in the sky, Sirius, is 8.611 light years away, which places it among the closest of stars. If it ever goes supernova, I am not sure a lead mine will be sufficient. Another thing for you to worry about. Astronomers can correct me if it will not go supernova soon or ever.