Try to be more virtuous today

The scientific accomplishments of white culture exceed the entire rest of the world not just qualitatively but in kind. The difference is absolute . Indeed, until the time in the 19th or 20th ceturies when these cultures adopted the scientific method and the mental habits and assumptions that made it possible, they did not possess “science” as we undertand the term. Many have written about Arab, Chinese and Hindu “science”. These civilizations, each for its own intrinsic reasons,  did not reach what today is recognized as the form of rational inquiry known as “science”. Some historian of science said that the achievements of Faraday and Maxwell in their work on electromagnetism exceeded the wntire corpus of Arabic civilization’s contributions to knowledge, Al-Khwarizmi and Al-Ghazali notwithstanding.

Seems strong, doesn’t it? Yet it is true.

Is this racism? Is this cultural chauvinism?  I hardly know and I care not. The attacks on white people and “whiteness” -which is a stand-in for cultural habits that made the modern world, are relentless. How soon before bridges fall down? How soon before this magnificent and complex apparatus that keeps us alive and warm (it is -10C outside as a I write) falls to peices because not enough order-creators are available to prevail against the disorder creators? Kind of like a table full of squabbling children and no adult supervison, only worse because the adults have resiled from their educative duties, refuse to cook, refuse to set an example, refuse to enlighten, refuse to think straight, refuse to do any hard work and bang the table for someone to serve them. They have low impulse control and they are armed with AK-47s. I have seen the future, brethren, and it’s murder.


Here’s my formula for Coca-Cola and other anti-white personnel training programs. Try to be less black today, for starters. Try to be less superstitious, undeducated, lazy, presumptuous, aggressive, ill-disciplined and ignorant. It would be a good start.

Whites are not inherently superior to anyone. Their cultures allowed them to attain superiority for a time in world affairs. Whether they keep it, or not, is up to them. At the moment they seem intent on destroying themselves with self-loathing, assisted by the doltish ideologies of half educated black professors who could not think clearly if they tried.

Try to be more virtuous today. It is a good start. If you interpret that as trying to be more white, you won’t go far wrong. But stick to virtue, and you will see the issue more clearly than the miseducators at Coca Cola.


The graph that explains what has happened


This is the most important graph you are going to see in the next decade.

Whatever its cause – and historians and economists have much to explain – the gap between rises in productivity and hourly compensation that started in 1973 meant that an increasing proportion of national income has gone to the owners of assets, not the workers. Maybe capital needed to make more money; maybe the workers were making too much: I am unqualified to say. Certainly the Reagan regime did much to restore the profitability of capital.

Yet in that simple graph we can see why Trump found support to deal with a perceived problem. Perceived by whom, you ask? Perceived by the people who do not know or subscribe to the New York Times or the Atlantic magazine. Perceived by the people whose children don’t have jobs and who know people who have died from fentanyl overdoeses, people from towns where the mill has been shuttered for thirty years. Where they used to make things. Not perceived by people who work from desks and computers. No perceieved by people whose jobs have not been affected by COVID.

Nuxon went to China in 1972, thus splitting the Communist world and starting the process whereby jobs left the United States for China and places abroad. I am not asserting a directly causal relationship here between diplomatic recognition of China by the US and the off-shoring of US industry.

Nixon went off the gold standard in 1972, This meant we entered upon the world of fiat currencies, where government declares that money is worth something unrelated to the stock of gold. As many now understand, a consistent undervaluation of one’s currency can suck indistry towards the low cost producer. Is that the cause of US jobs bening leeched out of the United States?

Watch this video and see if you agree. 

Whatever the cause of the growing gap in the rates of productivity and hourly compensation – I wish I knew – its existence engenders a vast retinue of consequences

The Rot in the West

As we experience the decay of freedom in the West and the expanding cultural rot, this is not going unnoticed in the rest of the world.

Russian director, Konstantin Bolomogov, has published a manifesto Похищение Европы 2.0, “Abduction of Europe 2.0”, in the journal Novaya Gazeta. [here] [The article is in Russian, but if you use Chrome, the translation extension will give a passable English version.]

He thinks the West is going through something like that depicted in Kubrick’s famous movie “A Clockwork Orange” wherein the hero is essentially “de-personalized” and turned into the opposite of a real man. For example,

The modern West is such a criminal who has undergone chemical castration and lobotomy. Hence this false smile of goodwill and all-acceptance, frozen on the face of a Western person. This is not the smile of Culture. It is a smile of degeneration.

A new Reich is taking shape; one which seeks to control our thoughts, and more importantly, our emotions. All totalitarian regimes require suppression of opposing ideas, hence the “community standards” of the tech tyrants.

… In this struggle, the functions of court, prosecution and isolation are not eliminated, but delegated from the state to society. The state, represented by the police and security officials, was “humanized”, but the conventionally progressive society took on the role of new storm troopers, with the help of which the same state is super effective in combating dissent.
The modern Western world is taking shape in the New Ethical Reich with its own ideology – “new ethics”. National Socialism in the Past. This is ethical socialism. Queer socialism. Siemens, Boss, and Volkswagen turned into Google, Apple and Facebook, and…
…[The] “Nazis” were replaced by an equally aggressive mix of queer activists, fem-fanatics and eco-psychopaths, just as thirsty for a total reformatting of the world [in their image].
Traditional totalitarian regimes suppressed freedom of thought. The new non-traditional totalitarianism has gone further and wants to control emotions. Restricting the freedom of emotion of the individual is a revolutionary concept in the New Ethical Reich.

Having emerged from one Hell [Bolshevism], Russians do not want another one, particularly one sold under the false gods of “tolerance” and “equity”.

He concludes:

Russian raznochintsy [19th-century déclassé intellectuals] tell us: Russia is at the tail of progress.
By coincidence, we found ourselves at the tail of an insane train heading into Bosch’s hell, where we will be met by multicultural gender-neutral devils.
You just need to unhook this carriage, cross yourself and start building your own world. Rebuild our good old Europe. The Europe we dreamed of. The Europe they have lost. [The] Europe of a healthy person.


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