American Revolution

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning…it smells like, victory.” Donald J Trump, long ridiculed and reviled by the pompous, overbearing liberal media, TV networks and the dead-tree press, and pinko academia, swept to victory in the most stunning political upset in generations.

I must confess, that on Election night, I was overcome with a black cloud of despair after weeks of pro-Clinton propaganda from the lapdog media. But Mrs Rebel Yell said, as she had for weeks, ‘do not fear, I feel the karma; all is happening as we desire’. When I awoke in the morning, lo, the universe had shifted into a new quantum state. And she was right. And it was joy.

Running on a platform of protecting the jobs of American workers, enforcing the immigration laws, bringing the bloated federal government to heel, and pursuing a foreign policy based more on less bullying and more partnership, he rewrote the book on election tactics and redrew the electoral map in the US. He enters the Washington swamp not beholden to the usual cabal of banksters and political hucksters and with a long-overdue mandate to clean house, starting with the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI. He has a chance to bring American foreign policy back on to a more realistic track by not seeking to overthrow any government that does not curry favor with the Wall Street Money Power. He has a chance to defuse the disastrous tensions built up with Russia quite unnecessarily by Obama’s (and Clinton’s) bellicose Middle East policies. NATO, pay attention; it’s time to pony up some more money rather than milking the American taxpayer for your defense budgets.

Clinton was the candidate of the Establishment, the media, the dead-tree press and all the moralizing PC humbugs, SJWs (stupid juvenile whiners), eco-babblers, crackpot feminoids and, as the brilliant Orwell put it decades ago …”all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat”. Her corruption, for years covered up by the servile lapdog media, might finally face the light of day. The pollsters have been exposed as part of the propaganda arm of the political class. Their credibility is down to zero, and getting worse. They were totally wrong about the British General Election in 2015, the Brexit vote, and now, the American Election. Each time the “polls say…” was exactly Establishment propaganda. They were wrong, hugely wrong, on each occasion. The TV networks, with their constant dishonesty and bias, were in the back pocket of the Democratic Party.

Trump not only had to fight against this media slush fund for the Democrats, but also most of the Republican Party establishment, who either refused to back him or showed him only lackluster support. And this after he had whipped 16 other candidates in the primaries by massive vote margins.

The real America, the truck drivers, electricians, store clerks, plumbers, construction workers, garbage collectors, soldiers, farmers, nurses, veterans, the people who actually make America work, who do not just talk about it, have given the biased journalists, media hacks, crooked pollsters, the pseudo-intellectuals with their ‘college degrees’ in underwater basket weaving and weirdo studies, a massive sock in the teeth. And long overdue it was too. For years, the liberal media have had free rein to insult and lie about any- and everyone they deemed fit as a racist, homophobe, islamophobe, misogynist without ever being called to account. They have poisoned the atmosphere of political debate for far too long and this election was their come-uppance. Ordinary folk are sick of it; sick of the lying media; sick of being denigrated for being decent ordinary people.

Trump has the audacity to think big and dream big. He brings a fresh air of openness and honesty which until now has just been a suffocating miasma of platitudes and hypocrisy. His real work is, of course, just beginning, but it’s refreshing to see, as emblazoned on the T-shirt of one Trump supporter…”Finally, someone with balls.”

The contrast with the Obama dweeb could not be more obvious.

Rebel Yell