Are There No Witches?

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” A well-known quote from the critical observer of political folly – Orwell. We are in such a situation now.

Even though Mother Nature invented sex billions of years ago and made it the basis for reproduction of life, now, at this brief fleeting nanosecond of history, we have legions of pseudo-academics, politicians, media hacks, teachers, and all the other unproductive pustules on the body politic trying to tell us that Mather Nature was wrong. Reality is not in biology, genetics, cellular structure, determining men and women, or even indeed in the history of millennia of cultures and civilizations, from the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, through to the Romans, Aztecs and all the Western and modern world, but in the delusional rantings of men who think they can become women or perhaps “identify” as cats or toads.

This would be fine if they stayed in their mothers’ basements and ate their food off the floor, but their real objective, aided and abetted by the degenerate political class, is to spread their delusions and depravities to our children—not only that, but to demand that the rest of society that is still sane to bow down to their evil idols.

The trans-mania is not a point of view, or a political opinion, but a worldview, a weltangschauung, a creed, and is thus not open to compromise or debate. This is a fundamental property. A certain political personality (whose name escapes me) noted that:

…the philosophy is intolerant; it cannot content itself with the role of one ‘party beside others,’ but imperiously demands, not only its own exclusive and unlimited recognition, but the complete transformation of all public life in accordance with its views. It can, therefore, not tolerate the simultaneous continuance of a body representing the former condition.

When the force of faith is behind it, reality matters little.

The trans-mania, and the entire glorification of sin that adorns its ugly idols, is such a worldview. And it has to be totalitarian. In his essay, The Prevention of Literature, which is mainly about the effects of totalitarianism on writing, Orwell says,

…Totalitarianism demands, in fact, a continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth.

We have reached that point that Orwell so feared. The most basic biological and scientific truths about the nature of, not only human beings, but almost all the animals on Earth, is being denied by a diabolical priesthood of deceit, babbling on endlessly that the evidence of our own eyes and ears is not to be trusted.

Our history is being distorted and even language itself is being tortured to be devoid of meaning so that the mindless political drones, aided by their journalist and media succubi, can shepherd their brainwashed masses towards their sexless, conformist future.

It is not clear how far this will go, but the organized lying, propaganda, and persecution of dissidents in Canada, the US, and the West in general, does not bode well. One would expect, as in former more sane times, that the intellectual strata of society would at least be standing up for the freedom of conscience. But, no! Again, as Orwell lamented, …

…The direct, conscious attack on intellectual decency comes from the intellectuals themselves.

Just look at the state of universities in the West today—factories of ignorance, rather than centers of learning. How can you believe that men can turn into women? Doublethink—Holding two contradictory views at one and the same time. Doublethink is an essential part of the totalitarian mind-set. When doctrine has to be changed overnight to accommodate today’s fanaticism, how better to grease its progress than to deny the actual existence of objective reality?

This is not a question of differing political views, but a question of will it be even possible to hold political views (or scientific opinions) when your life and rights can be whisked away by arbitrary powers? This was done to the truckers in the Freedom Convoy, and it’s being done to people who expose the COVID lie machine. These are all real questions that are not being addressed by any of the Uniparty groups (Liberals, Tories, Democrats, Republicans etc.)—they only reflect varying facets of the globalist blob that controls almost all discourse in the West.

None of this can be changed by being ‘nice’ to them. They must be told directly that they are liars, degenerates, and destroyers of civilization. It’s going to be tough, but it must be done. In the words of the old Revivalist hymn:

Dare to be a Daniel,
Dare to stand alone;
Dare to have a purpose firm,
Dare to make it known.

Rebel Yell

One Canadian to be Proud Of


These days, there’s not much to brag about in Canada, except for those wonderful truckers. There are others, and Eva Bartlett is a young Canadian journalist reporting from the front lines, not writing hack drivel from a Toronto office.


She has worked in Syria and most recently, for many years, in the Donbas in Eastern Ukraine, covering the war conducted by the Kiev regime against the ethnic Russians of eastern and southern Ukraine for the past eight years.


Naturally, she is on the list of “enemies of Ukraine” compiled by the Zelensky regime, many of whom have already met untimely ends at the hands of the SBU, the security service of the “democratic Ukraine”.


You can find her on Youtube (not censored yet) and on Odysee and Rumble. I give you one example here; there are many more…[here]

Rebel Yell

The Power of Absurd People in the COVID Fiasco


For those of you interested in computer software and programming, don’t miss this outstanding assessment in the Daily Sceptic of the total catastrophe that were the shenanigans of the disgraced and utterly ridiculous Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College. (Full disclosure: it pains to say this as an alumnus of Imperial College.)

The article is an icon of clear thinking and meticulous writing. In my work experience, all the problems of software development are correctly described, and in an amusing fashion. Your reading effort will be well rewarded.


Also interesting is how somebody with such an appalling track record as Ferguson would ever be taken seriously by anyone with the least familiarity with computing. But, as we know, political leaders like Johnson in the UK have such an abysmal understanding of anything remotely technical, mathematical or scientific, that they look on computer models as a revelation from Heaven.


Saints preserve us from these charlatans and their political dupes.


Rebel Yell

The New Evil Empire: America

Ever since the collapse of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, all attempts at creating a new security structure in Europe have been rebuffed by the American Empire.

During the Cold War, when glasnost and perestroika were starting to change the Soviet Union, Reagan and Gorbachev made significant progress in reducing East-West tensions through the signing of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 1987 which removed medium range nuclear missiles from Europe.

In 1989, revolutions swept through Eastern Europe toppling the Communist regimes from Poland to Romania in the space of six months. The Warsaw Pact dissolved and, in 1991, the Soviet Union itself.

When Germany was re-unified, the Americans, through Secretary of State, James Baker, assured the Russians that NATO “would not move one inch further eastward.” Those were heady days. They did not last.

Since then, NATO has expanded eastward absorbing nations right up to the Russian border. In 2007, Putin made an important speech to the Munich Conference [here]  in which he outlined the strategic threats facing Russia from NATO (and, of course, America, NATO’s real master) and why that cannot continue. It will be a strategic disaster. Senior American diplomats from George Kennan through James Baker, Jack Matlock (last US Ambassador to the Soviet Union), Henry Kissinger and many others have all without exception echoed these warnings. In fact, at the Bucharest conference in 2008, NATO said that Ukraine and Georgia would be candidates for membership in NATO.

But the neocon cabal that runs American foreign policy has heeded no warnings. The 2014 CIA/State Department coup d’etat orchestrated by the Nuland/Kagan/Kotkin think tanks installed a puppet regime in Kiev to act as a further antagonism to Russia.

And it is America that has been doing everything possible to make tensions between the US and Russia worse. It was the US that withdrew from the ABM Treaty, not Russia; it was the US that withdrew from the INF Treaty, not Russia; and it was the US that withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty, not Russia. All of these destabilizing actions were instigated and supported by the usual neocon warmongers Nuland, Kagan and their ilk.

After this coup, the Maidan revolution, the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts sought separation after repeated assaults on the ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine intensified. In the ensuing eight years, the Kiev regime has been taken over by the neo-Nazi Bandera types and corrupt oligarchs; Zelensky himself (a washed-up TV comedian, a similar resume to Trudeau) was entirely created by the Jewish-Cypriot oligarch Kholomoisky.

Since 2014, this thug regime has been waging real warfare on the Russians in eastern Ukraine: constant shelling of civilians killed over 14,000 and no doubt seriously wounded ten times as many. All this in violation of the Minsk Agreements signed in 2015 between the Kiev regime and the Donbas oblasts giving autonomy to those regions. Russian TV stations were shut down, journalists “disappeared”, Russian culture suppressed, and in the last few years, the Kiev regime stopped paying pensions and benefits to citizens in these areas. Here, the Russian Federation took up these payments.

At the end of last year, the Zelenskyy regime indicated it was going to withdraw from the Budapest Accords of 1994, whereby Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons, and to invite NATO membership. It has bioweapons research laboratories financed and built by the US, all in contravention of Bioweapons Convention. Nuland admitted to this during a Senate Committee Hearing, no doubt to the shock of the Deep State operatives. It will be very interesting to see what information comes out now that the Russians have captured some of these sites.

By the end of last year, the Kiev regime had built up forces of nearly 100,000 men in eastern Ukraine set to attack the Donbas and retake Crimea by force.

The Russians beat them to the punch.

NATO is no longer a defensive organization; it is the military arm of the voracious American Empire. This Empire seeks to turn all independent nations into its vassals and debt slaves, or, if not, harass them with “sanctions” (aka economic warfare), overthrow their governments with “color” revolutions, or, as in the cases of Libya, Syria, Serbia, Afghanistan, simply bomb them into submission.

The massive censorship in the West of relevant information coming out of the war cannot stop the truth. There are many sources and sites on the Internet giving excellent commentary and updates; the mainstream Fake News media just babble endlessly on with Deep State propaganda.

Ukraine, ante, is toast. Russia will take the Russian regions in the east and south; the Poles maybe will take a bite out of western Ukraine (L’vov and Galicia); the region around Kiev could become an EU satrapy.

Meanwhile the sanctions war on Russia is taking its toll—on the EU. Let’s see how long they can do without gas, oil, wheat, metals, fertilizers, you know, all the real commodities that make an actual economy work. Perhaps the EU can keep its economy working on Facebook drivel and Twitter babble?

Here are some sites for your interest…

…And many more…

Rebel Yell

Russia/Ukraine News and Discussion

Get uncensored news on the alt sites on the Web.  Everything coming out of Kiev is written in Washington. Also, check out Jerm Warfare on Telegram—Twitter is overtly censored now unless the “narrative” line is expressly followed (on their own admission!) 


The Duran with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris (You Tube and Rumble)

Gonzalo Lira–on the ground in Kharkov….


And Patrick Lancaster, on the ground in Mariupol….


Rebel Yell

Canada’s Slide into Dictatorship

How the regime deals with a peaceful protest.


Mike Campbell in Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises” was asked about his money troubles and responded with a vivid description embracing self-contradiction:

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

That’s the feeling right now in Canada regarding our tottering polity.

The recent Freedom Convoy that saw hundreds of trucks parked in and around Wellington Street in Ottawa, the sleepy frozen capital of our nation, has caused a political revolution. Its results are hidden but its effects are working on reshaping the nature of politics in this country. In the space of a few weeks, everyone in the world now knows that Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

During the weeks that the truckers were encamped peacefully outside Parliament, at no time did any representative of the government attempt to even meet with them and discuss their grievances. Trudeau used his position to lie about them and smear them in the most disgraceful way, calling them sexists, misogynists, transphobes etc. – all the usual swear words of the progressive left. Needless to say, all the accusations were utterly baseless and without foundation.

Trudeau and his regime of bandits then invoked the Emergencies Act, also on wholly baseless grounds. Professor Bruce Pardy explains in this link, that the “Emperor has no clothes”…

After freezing bank accounts of people that contributed to a perfectly legal cause, and before the Emergencies Act was approved by Parliament, the banks immediately raised the issue of a run on the banks—which started to happen!

Trudeau immediately rescinded the operation of the provisions of the Act. Another important reason was that he was going to lose a vote in the Senate, which would have instantly made the emergency provisions null and void. Also, the acts already undertaken would have been revealed as illegal. I’m not a lawyer but there would be (in fact are) major legal implications resulting from all this.

Now, we find that names of contributors, including police officers, have been doxed and the CBC; the propaganda toadies of the Trudeau regime are handing this information to police now for “investigation”. No doubt the witch hunt will continue there.

This is, of course, a means of terrorizing the general population. Anyone must now think that any contributor to a political cause, a perfectly legal cause, that is disapproved of by the regime, or may be subsequently disapproved of by the regime, may be subject to arbitrary demonization by losing their savings and job or livelihood! In a supposedly democratic society! All this without due process and with the full connivance of the state propaganda organs like the CBC.

Viva Frei, one of the citizen journalists active during the stay of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, will keep you current with developments.

The legacy media were utterly unreliable and the CBC, which receives over $1 billion of your hard-earned money, was the most egregious. It is now a national disgrace.

The current regime is executing a power grab as fast and as far as it can go before it is stopped. The trashing of fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians is now the modus operandi of this regime.

It seems our opposition parties, with the exception of the People’s Party of Canada, are weak, ineffectual and spineless. Ordinary working Canadians have no-one in Parliament who represents their interests. This has been shown by the courageous and principled acts of the truckers. They have shown a fundamental level of patriotism, fortitude, and decency that Trudeau and his cronies cannot even dream of.

Let’s see if the rest of the country has even half the character of the Freedom Convoy.

Rebel Yell

The View from a Russian/Ukrainian


And now, something you won’t hear on the Fake News media in the West….[here]

Having had direct personal experience of the lying of Canada’s media about the Freedom Convoy and the truckers in Ottawa, how much credibility do you think there is in the their reporting of events in the Ukraine?


Rebel Yell


A Regime of Thieves and Bandits

[The face of your new regime]

As Canada descends into dictatorship, the rest of the world should watch and take note. The structure of democracy with its laws, charters of rights and freedoms, and judiciaries, looks sound and impressive, but, in many cases, is built on feet of clay.

Edmund Burke remarked centuries ago, in his Reflections on the Revolution in France, when commenting on the actions of the National Assembly,

“…This unforced choice, this fond election of evil, would appear perfectly unaccountable, if we did not consider the composition of the National Assembly: I do not mean its formal constitution, which, as it now stands, is exceptionable enough, but the materials of which, in a great measure, it is composed, which is of ten thousand times greater consequence than all the formalities in the world.”

The “materials” in our Parliament, particularly the ruling “Liberal” Party, consist of a pottage of grasping and ignorant mediocrities, bent only on the preservation of their power at all costs. Now, as our freedoms disintegrate before our eyes, their true nature is displayed for all to see in all its ugliness.

The NDP, the party that once claimed to be the “conscience of Parliament”, and the champion of the working classes of Canada, has now said it will support the Trudeau regime. If there be a time to stand up for whatever principles they claimed to have, it would be now. If not, their reputation will be in tatters, their party an empty shell, their voice a chorus of humbug. Singh, the party’s leader, seems more intent to libel working people as racists and misogynists than to listen to their concerns. What a sorry excuse for a man. That humming sound you may hear is Tommy Douglas, spinning in his grave.

The Conservative Party seems to be awakening after many years in a political coma under the leadership of O’Toole, fortunately ousted recently for his insufferable weakness. Consequently, the party is virtually leaderless in a time crying out for anyone with a backbone.

Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party have been consistent in their support of the Freedom convoy and in opposing the emergency totalitarian measures. Former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Brian Peckford, has shown exemplary leadership and fortitude in “Take Back Our Freedoms” and taking the federal government to court.

The actions of the regime in stealing property and freezing bank accounts without any due process are actions worthy of the mafia. “Nice bank account you have; shame if anything happens to it”. Pure thuggery.

And the RCMP, once a police force held in high esteem around the world, has seen its reputation trampled in the snow, along with the woman crushed under the hooves of their horses. That reputation is now lost, never to return.

As for our parliamentary representatives, their weakness in the face of this appalling abuse of power by a deranged gang of bandits posing as a government, will be long remembered.

As for the Canadian media, they have covered themselves in shame. The CBC, the print media, and others, have shown their subservience to the regime. Only Rebel News has held high the flag of honest reporting; the rest are worthless.

Back in 1988, I attended a mass demonstration in Szabadsag Ter in Budapest, Hungary. The police there tried similar tactics. That demonstration heralded the beginning of the end of the communist regime; perhaps these events in Ottawa this weekend herald the end of the beginning of a communist regime in Canada.

Time, and ourselves, will tell.

There must be a reckoning with the tyrant.

Rebel Yell