Yes folks, that is the figure for CBC television share of viewers in 2018-2019. 3.9% for 1.5 billion dollars of direct subsidy from the taxpayer. A drop of 25% from the year before. What is it now?

As Jordan Peterson remarked recently, broadcast television is so dead kids these days would not even recognize its corpse.

A toxic melange of covidism, climate catastrophism and wokism has put it there, which has produced a lack of relationship to its intended audience, which is all Canadians.


Wokism: all differences in outcomes between races is the result of a pervasive malaria of white racism and structural privilege;

Catastrophism: the additions of the trace gas CO2 made by humans through burning fossil fuels is the cause of an imminent climate catastrophe, and drastic anti-market actions are needed, such as only governments can provide;

Covidism: The strongest measures of inoculation through vaccines and lockdowns of the economy are the exclusive  means of stopping the spread of COVID19, and no other disease protocols are appropriate, despite the fact that COVID presents wildly different risk factors by age of person infected.